Dolan: Obama is Strangling the Church

Dolan: Obama is Strangling the Church May 22, 2012

Yep.  Exactly right.  That’s what this is about.  Making war on the Church.  The good thing is that the bishops have found their voices here, along with a whole bunch of other Catholics, even in places where you would hardly have expected it, such as Michael Sean Winters over the Reporter.  Even more amazing is that the MSM is actually covering it.

Oh, and that lying wheeze about about how the Church is somehow trying to ban birth control that the White House is telling?  Please.  When you stick a gun in my ribs and force me to cough up money for your birth control, my decision to knock the gun from your hand and kick you in the groin is not “banning birth control”.  It’s self-defense.

Birth control is cheap and easy to get if you want it.  Knock yourself out.  In fact, it’s so cheap and easy to get that it’s screwing up the water supply. But, of course, in the hierarchy of Trendy Values, sexual license for Blue State lefties particularly when layered with a tasty condiment of fashionable anti-Catholicism, trumps fake concern about the environment every time.

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