Hey! Our God King has Launched a New War!

Hey! Our God King has Launched a New War! May 4, 2012

Did you know? I didn’t. We seem to now be at the point in our endless wars of Empire where our Ruling Classes don’t even bother to ask or keep us informed as they send our sons and daughters to die for their latest Grand Vision of a Utopian End to Evil.

Our latest war turns out to be about sending our exhausted men and women to suffer and die, yet again, so as to protect our soil from the vast threat of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is currently running around being crazy and evil in the trackless wilderness of Africa. Sad? Yes. Sad enough that I want another drop of our troop ino harm’s way yet again? No.

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  • Mark, I’m trying to develope a more informed opinion about US/foreign relations, and I value your input. I wonder, do you believe that doing nothing in say, the Rwandan genocide, was the right choice? I struggle with this issue quite a bit, and this Kony thing brings up conflicting thoughts for me.

  • Michael


    You could do worse than start with Il Sussidiario:


    …they usually try to get writers who are actually there to write about places.



  • Kirt Higdon

    Mark, this one has been going on for several months now; it started well before that stupid video got posted on youtube. And years ago, the US tried to wipe out Kony’s outfit using Guatemalan mercenaries instead of US troops. Result – the mercenaries got wiped out and Kony massacred plenty of civilians to retaliate. The US Africa Command (yes, there is such a thing) was activated just about the same time Obama was elected and I predicted at the time we could be expecting wars in Africa. These military bureaucracies like any other, need to give themselves something to do to justify more funding. As for Kony, he’s a nasty piece of work, but his bodycount is pretty small by the standards of African warlords. His main enemy, Ugandan strong man and US ally Museveni has killed more by an order of magnitude or two. Obama and the rest of the US regime need to write on the blackboard a thousand times “Killing more Africans (Asians, etc.) does not solve the problem and is evil in the sight of God.”

  • Michaelus

    My guess is the troops are there in case Uganda passes the proposed law criminalizing sodomy.

  • Matt G

    Actualy, in my opinion this is a case of the US military doing something right. We’ve got 100 green berets there to act as advisors to the sovereign military. We are loaning our expertise and equipment, but the US troops rarely leave the base and are not permitted to engage in combat except in self-defense.

  • Kirt Higdon

    These things usually start with trainers, equipment and expertise. The US expertly trains and equips some Africans (or Asians, Latin Americans, etc.) to kill their own countrymen or their neighbors. If they don’t do it expertly or enthusiastically enough, next come the drones and the cruise missiles.