Drone Murder is a Prolife Issue

Drone Murder is a Prolife Issue October 26, 2015

This should be something both war-opposing Left and Obama-hating Right could unite to fight.  Why isn’t it?

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  • Sue Korlan

    I suspect that too few people are aware of what we’re doing, and those who do don’t care because the victims are mostly far away Muslims instead of people more like us culturally.

    • Eve Fisher

      You nailed it.

    • Dave G.

      Do you think that?

    • Joseph

      A lot of people do know… but we’re considered conspiracy theorists because the facts are under-reported in the main stream press. So, what you find is that the people who *do* know keep to themselves. It’s a tough existence listening to all of the television bots regurgitating everything that comes from their favourite news source, knowing that if you offered them the red pill they’d trample it, then turn and tear you to pieces. So, you’re left there with your little nuggets of knowledge that fills the gaps left by the deliberate omissions and distractions in main stream media coverage… all by your lonesome. You meet people and subtly gauge where they stand on certain issues before noodling them to find out if they are either just like you are at least open to the possibility that what the world projected to them is not the reality before you can open up to them.
      Then there is the guilt. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my life a lot more before I learned what was really going on in the world. On the other hand, the day I took the red pill was the beginning of my ultimate journey to the Catholic Church. So, though I’m burdened with the loss of innocence and the knowledge of just how messed up the world is, I’m blessed with the Truth and access to the Sacraments. I can’t regret my previous life of ignorance because it led me to the Truth… but damn, sometimes I miss being able to have banal conversations with people and not reflecting on what was going on in the world. It was so much easier to just accept what I was given and debate sports statistics. I miss not having to verify anything. Life was so much easier when I could just regurgitate what I was told, without thinking.

  • Michaelus

    Drones? What drones? No one on goggle news or huffpo or CNN mentions drones.

  • Stu

    Hated flying in the same airspace with them and I have always found them to be too much of an enabler for warfare given the only risk in using them for the leadership is political.

  • Yup.

  • Fds

    The left won’t fight it because it loves Obama more than it hates the killing of innocents. The right won’t fight it because it loves American military might more than it hates Obama.

    • D.T. McCameron

      “…more than it hates the killing of innocents.”

      Not the first thing that comes to mind.

  • sez

    Drones = power. Both sides crave power.
    Drones = secret missions. Both sides crave the darkness that hides their deeds.
    Drones = efficiency. Both sides want to kill the bad guys quickly and easily.
    Drones = no boots on the ground. Both sides want to accomplish their aims without loss of American lives.

    • Stu

      And as a warrior, I think they lack honor.

  • Bob

    This ended up on Pax Christi’s radar a year or so ago and I had to research it to send off a commentary piece to the diocesan newspaper here in Providence. I was shocked at what I was reading. It is common for drones to “hide” beyond a ridge after they’ve blown up a house or a car or whatever. They then return a bit later and blow up the medical workers and any good samaritans pulling bodies out of the rubble, I guess under the assumption that they’re aiding the enemy. According to one primary source, in the Pakistani tribal region, it had gotten to the point where people were no longer helping the wounded or burying the bodies.

  • Bob

    And the Intercept’s report detailing a 5 month period seems to be perfectly in line with the other data I’ve looked at. This isn’t a case of “small sample size shows the embarrassing worst case scenario of using drone power”. This whole thing where 85%-95% of those killed were bystanders or cases of mistaken identity is a FEATURE not a BUG of the program.

    It is the perfect way to make war for this country. The administration can look like responsible peace makers, we don’t have to send many troops and yet we can still scratch that itch for blood lust and vengeance.

  • I suspect the answer to your question is that the US is in a cold civil war and to tear the lid off this issue publicly would be too great a risk of turning it hot. Neither side is willing to go hot at present so the whole thing festers and will continue to fester until we either get our act together nationally and stop muttering under our breaths about the other side’s treason or we have the civil war that’s been building up since at least the assassination of JFK, before I was even born.

  • Peggy

    I have read objections to the immoral drone killing on both sides of the political spectrum. Whether elected officials will get together on this rather than on spending our children into abject poverty is another story.