Fifteen Years Ago…

Fifteen Years Ago… March 21, 2018

two popes and all the bishops of the world said invading Iraq was a massively stupid idea that did not meet the criteria for Just War–and that it would result in calamity.

American conservative Christianists said, “Screw ’em.  Let’s go!” and embarked on a catastrophe for which we are still paying a steep cost and for which millions of people in the region have paid with their lives.

Naturally, in atonement for this crime against humanity, we are now telling the teeming millions displaced by our feckless stupidity that they are invaders and that we owe them nothing and will bar them from entry and kick them out if they are here.

And the Christianists who declared their stupid decision a “prudential judgement” that allowed them to ignore the Church’s guidance?  61% of right leaning/GOP conservatives are still convinced they were right. This is basically the same demographic that adores Trump and believes that they are geniuses for making war on Pope Francis, whom they stupidly judge to be a Communist and (as a KKKlassy guest in my comboxes dubbed him) the “homo pope”.

So wrong about so much so many times for so long you wonder that they have not exhausted the wrongness reserves available on planet earth.

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