I’m Not Supposed to say “Gay Brownshirts”

I’m Not Supposed to say “Gay Brownshirts” May 17, 2012

when the Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance vandalizes a Church for peacefully expressing the opinion that “marriage” means “the union of a man and a woman” and not “whatever combination of consenting organisms or organic/non-organic unions with whatever inanimate or mammalian or living or dead thing my grievance group demands the right to marry this week”.

Okay. People who smash windows are nothing like, you know, people who smash windows because, um…. it’s an unknown or small number of them doing it, instead of a whole lot of people doing it, or because the reason they are smashing windows is for Tolerance, and we all know that anybody who disagrees with a Tolerant Person should have his house burned to the ground. Let’s grant that.

So then, a poll of my readers. What would be a suitable title for the all-too-common phenomenon of the Advocate of Gay Awesomeness who resorts to shrill profanity, threats, vandalism, physical assault, in order to crush and intimidate people who peacefully express their view that gay “marriage” is an ontological impossibility and that the stampede to hurl Traditional Marriage down the memory hole in obeisance to the 1/2 of 1% is reckless folly? If it’s “just a few bad apples” why does it seem to happen so often? And why, when it does happen, do defenders of gay “marriage” spend so much more time feeling offended that decent folk are reminded of the SA than they do feeling offended by the people who remind decent folk of the SA?

How about The Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance? Zat work?

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    resorts to shrill profanity, threats, vandalism, physical assault, in order to crush and intimidate people who peacefully express their view

    Terrorists. Using violence and intimidation to affect social or political change. You just described terrorists.

    • Rosemarie


      Terrorists is good. Bullies might work as well.

      • Rachel K

        Ditto on “bullies.” I think “terrorists” is too incendiary, but “bullies” is a word that describes the behavior of these particular gay individuals without being so inflammatory that readers will immediately shut you out. (It also doesn’t exaggerate. They’re bullying, but they’re not shipping Christians off to Auschwitz, for heaven’s sake.)

        Mark, thank you for abandoning “brownshirts.” As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bisexual Catholic who follows Church teaching when it comes to my SSA; still, even though we’re in agreement about homosexuality being disordered, it was hard not to read “gay brownshirts” without flinching.

    • Thomas R

      Yeah terrorist makes sense to me. Bullies might make it sound too childish, but I could see it too. Maybe you could even just call them “Red Shirts” as it’s pretty hostile, but not as well-known as Fascism so could give people a group they may not have heard of him.


      • Rosemarie


        With the whole anti-bullying push, spearheaded by gays, no less, it would be an interesting turnabout.

      • Rachel K

        Nah. “Red shirts” just makes it sound like they’re going to be the only members of the away team to die.

  • Paul

    Vandals is a good term in the case of actual vandalism. But the whole “brownshirts” thing is effective for getting those who do not already agree to tune out. Witty labels aren’t always necessary. Better to call it as it is and avoid divisive hyperbole.

    It’s also good to keep in mind that some of the crazier supporters of gay ‘marriage’ do not represent everyone. Just as it’s annoying when people like Bill Donahue are taken as representing all Catholics, it’s annoying to others and unfair to lump everyone together. There are people supporting gay ‘marriage’ who are people of good will, who have the best intentions, and might possibly be converted on the issue if they can be engaged in a respectful and loving way.

    • dpt

      “But the whole “brownshirts” thing is effective for getting those who do not already agree to tune out. Witty labels aren’t always necessary. Better to call it as it is and avoid divisive hyperbole. ”

      I agree. One can stand up and correct those attacking the church, but the labels/name calling shuts the door on these critics and limits future possibilities of conversion. Stand strong and brave, but balanced with love and gentleness.

    • Ted Seeber

      “There are people supporting gay ‘marriage’ who are people of good will, who have the best intentions, and might possibly be converted on the issue if they can be engaged in a respectful and loving way.”

      I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t yell “bigot” at the suggestion of civil unions for heterosexuals.

      • Maybe that’s because it’s a bigoted suggestion.


  • Jason

    Let’s go with “Gay Brownshirts”. That or terrorists.

  • I refer to them as The Legion of the Pink Swastika.

    • I wanted to come up with something similar. I will have to steal this.

      On a related note, I do wonder what it would take before those on the pro-gay fantasy side would consider the comparison valid. Maybe concentration camps for religious? Something tells me even that wouldn’t do it. “It’s not like we’re gassing you or anything!” I can just hear that “retort”.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Hell’s bells, Mark, who cares what we call them? Call them gay brownshirts or same-sex purple pantaloons. Nothing means anything anymore. It’s all relative. It all depends on what your definition of “is” is. And the gay rights sympathizers didn’t “smash windows”; they were expressing their opinions by doing politically informed updates to the structure.

    Come on, Mark, get up to speed on what it is, will you?

    Hell, outside of our relationship as brother and sister in Christ, I don’t mind if you call me a head of lettuce, a witch, a gorgon, or a two-by-four. You can call me anything you want. Names mean nothing. Words mean nothing.

    It’s only what the state tells us to think that matters. And if you were to call me a name, I frankly wouldn’t have time or inclination to go to CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) to see whether that name was listed as being officially “offensive”, or not. So, I’d just let it go.

    Mark, you’ve got to get with the 21st century, dude!

  • I

    Violent imbeciles works.

    • joe mc Faul

      What would you call Westboro Baptist Church? “Christian Gestapo?” Or would you call them something else?

      Be consistent, that’s all. I vote for “violent imbeciles” for all.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        Consistent? What does consistency even mean, anyway?

        We call people we don’t like, ##%T$$@ and people we do like, friends. They both do the same to us. There’s no objective reality to either characterization. One man’s violent imbecile is another man’s brave freedom fighter.

        And now we have a situation in which one’s man’s cocker spaniel is another man’s spouse.

        It’s all basically, whatever!

        I think my whatever and I will go to the whatever and buy whatever.

        See? This is how it is right here, right now in the 21st century.

        Don’t you dare try to characterize anything according to any objectively real standard. If you do, then you put yourself into the realm of objectively real standards and that can only mean one thing. You’re an Enemy of the People. Doubleplusungood.

      • Mark Shea

        I know he’s a beloved figure for the “IknowyouarebutwhatamI?” crowd of tu quoque justifiers of Gay Brownshirt behavior. But you should really get past the urban legend that Fred Phelps even so much as claims to be Christian. He doesn’t: http://eve-tushnet.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_eve-tushnet_archive.html#112474146614650981

        Also, although he’s utterly repellent, he does not vandalize people’s property, smash windows, physically threaten, or promise arson. Gay Brownshirts do these things on a regular enough basis that it is reasonable to ask “What, in gay culture, encourages this kind of vicious intolerance?”

        • TheRealAaron

          I hope to one day write something that future generations will refer to as a “delectable epic.” it sounds simply scrumtrillescent.

        • Arnold

          “What, in gay culture, encourages this kind of vicious intolerance?”
          My guess would be rampant narcissism and arrested development.

  • Zippy

    Sodomite vandals.

  • “Visigoth” would be offensive to peoples of northern European descent…..

    “The Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance” = Gay Brownshirts

    Back in the old days, Stewart Avenue in Atlanta had the reputation for drug dealers, gang bangers and prostitutes. So what did the “wizards of smart” do to combat that? Renamed Stewart Avenue to “Metropolitan Parkway”. Didn’t fool the druggies, bangers and prostitutes though…

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    By the way, I really, really like Girl Scout cookies Thin Mints. I could eat ’em by the sleeve. But when I do that, I put on too many pounds. I don’t like that. Maybe I could lobby my Congress critter to work on enacting legislation that legally declares Thin Mints to have zero calories! And when I eat ’em and get fatter anyway, all the dress shops I go to will be required by law to resize the dresses, pants, and tops they sell to reflect that I’m still a size six, when really I can only fit into a size fourteen. The shop clerks will be out there furiously clicking and clacking with their little pricing guns, changing all the fourteens into sixes, and hiding the sixes away. When they see me coming.

    Because it’s the law.

    Because the law says that I’m entitled not to gain weight when I stuff my face with cookies. And I’ve managed to get Caesar to come down with the full faith and credit of U.S. law to make sure that even though the objective reality now is that I’m a hefty (for me) size fourteen, the shops and stores and legally obligated to hide that uncomfortable fact from me. Under penalty of fines, jail, etc.

    Because I got some idiot congressional rep or senator to get behind my piece of legislation, and somehow the President signed off on it. (He’d sign off on anything! Why not? No skin offa his nose!)

    America! What a country!

  • leahlibresco

    Call it like it is: vandalism, with arson threats. What they did is bad, but be careful not to impute the entire gay rights movement by a few vandals/aspiring arsonists. Just like my team needs to be more careful about not holding the pro-life movement en masse accountable for clinic bombings.

    • It’s not so much the vandalism as the “you deserve it” attitude we get from the other pro-gay “Marriage” folks. Would they had your integrity to call it what it is without trying to justify it.

      • leahlibresco

        I seriously know no one among my queer friends who endorses this kind of thing (which is not to say that no one claims its justified, but I think they’re pretty rare). If anything, we’re a little complacent and think demographics alone are going to win this for us. If you’re that sure of victory, there’s no point in aggression.

        • Ted Seeber

          Then I’ve got to say most of the gays I’ve talked to are very unsure of victory, to the point of using hate speech against anybody who isn’t on their side. And their side seems to be limited to not understanding what sacramental marriage *means*, or why anybody *might* object to redefining the human species as something it isn’t.

      • In my experience, it is more like “It didn’t happen AND you deserve it.”
        Adherents of the Thing That Used to Be Liberalism STILL deny the violence of the “New Left”, and tell me that what happened to me at their thuggish hands didn’t happen. To my face, they sneer and/or tell me I’m lying. Who am I going to believe, them or my lying eyes… and skull… and back.

        • Andy, Bad Person

          Adherents of the Thing That Used to Be Liberalism STILL deny the violence of the “New Left”, and tell me that what happened to me at their thuggish hands didn’t happen.

          It’s not just the Left that has these thoughts. What you just described is how the Right has been defending torture for years. It didn’t happen. And even if it did, they deserved it.

          • wlinden

            So if They do it too, that makes is all right?

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      Oh, it’s not “bad”; they were expressing how they felt.

      And that’s the important thing. How they feel. There’s really no need to make an objective characterization like “vandalism” or “bad”, which tends to lead to unpleasantness and misunderstandings.

      Claims to a knowledge of an objective reality that would characterize the actions of persons expressing their feelings as “bad”, is the way fascists behave. We don’t do that here.

      We celebrate that nothing is everything! Meaning is nonexistent! What your pelvis does is what it does! It is what it is. Families are whatever they want to be today . . . and then, not tomorrow. You don’t want to be a family anymore? Poof! It’s gone. Bye bye.

      Everything is disposable. Relationships are disposable. People are disposable too. And if you don’t agree, why then you are a fascist.

    • Mark Shea

      I don’t impute it to the entire gay community. But I do note that it erupts out of the gay community with more than normal frequency–and that when such behavior is likened to the SA, the conversation usually turns to how mean it is to like such behavior to to the SA, not to how mean it is to smash windows like the SA.

      • leahlibresco

        What’s the baseline for ‘normal frequency’ for any particular interest group?

        • Mark Shea

          Offhand, I’d say that this: http://www.patheos.com/search?q=%22gay+brownshirts%22 — is too many times, given that what prompts me to use the term is not “gays disagree with Christians” but “Gays threaten, shout down, bully, vandalize, physically threaten and, in the case of Mary Stachowicz, murder somebody for failure to affirm the marvels of homosex”.

          Have there been moronic attempts to persecute gays? Sure. Such things are still done in backward places in Africa. But in the US and most of the First World, it is simply fantasy to say that Christians are running around threatening, bullying, shouting down, vandalizing, physically intimidating or murdering gays. And when the ocassional wahoo like Fred Phelps–who denies being a Christian, by the way–is an abusive a-hole, Christians do not make excuses for him, they repudiate him.

          It’s a problem, Leah. And a frequent enough problem that, I promise you, I don’t have to go looking for stories of gays acting like fascist bullies. They come to me unbidden from various and sundry readers around the world, because they happen with disturbing frequency–and are buried by the media with equal frequency while the hagiography of St. Matthew Shepard, murdered for drugs and money, proceeds full speed ahead.

      • Sally Wilkins

        Mark, I believe you were the person who first introduced me to the concept of “Godwin’s Law.” When do you think it was repealed?

        It’s neither effective nor charitable to call people Nazis, unless, of course, they are Nazis. And given the fact that homosexuals were one of the groups targeted by the Nazis for extermination, it’s particularly offensive.

        You’re a good writer, come up with something more creative.

        • Ted Seeber

          I’m convinced that a certain segment of the Gay Agenda are indeed Nazis. They certainly have all the same behaviors.

        • Thanks Sally. I was going to make that point myself. That sort of language is utterly despicable, the more so when it’s directed at a minority group. And when gay people were actually the victims of Nazis, it’s just disgusting.

          I’d not heard of the actual incident he’s talking about. Looks fairly minor: a couple of unhinged phone calls. Yeah, shouldn’t have happened, of course, but it’s not really something to get your panties in a twist about. *shrug*


    • Ted Seeber

      I think it’s a good thing to remind the pro-life movement from time to time that life doesn’t end at birth.

  • Jennifer

    Brownshirts works for me. I would only very humbly suggest one thing, Mark. Ditch the *traditional marriage* phrase. It’s not a question of “traditional” versus “modern” or “gay” or “whatever” marriage. There is only TRUE marriage. Period. Anything other than man/woman marriage is false; NOT marriage. We need to be careful which terms we use in speaking about marriage. Just sayin’.

  • edge

    OK – the Church defines homosexuality as intrinsically disordered – so call it as such. Same sex attraction is a disorder and needs treated as such – just as alcoholism, kleptomania, compulsive lying, and even attention deficit disorder. The difference is that same sex attraction disorder is a maximum abuse of our human nature. Even the medical world called it a disorder until recent history (recent compared to the thousands of years it has been correctly viewed as a mental disorder.)

    Time to stop the politically correct BS and call it a mental disorder so the ill can be treated. To allow the language to continue making this disorder seem normal will stop them from being treated and hopefully cured.

    While we are at it – we need to stop saying pro-choice/pro-life and call it what it is as well – MURDER.

    Jesus is the TRUTH – and to speak using a PC language is to NOT live life in imitation of Him.

    God Bless!!

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      Edge, good post, you tell it, bro!

      I want to add that although it is right to say that “the Church defines homosexuality as intrinsically disordered,” that’s a lot like saying, “my dealer informs me that to add water to the crankcase is bad for my car’s engine.” Now, it’s certainly true that your dealer says that, and it’s also true that your dealer made an objectively true statement, but what needs to go into the crankcase isn’t up to your auto dealer; it was up to the designers way back in Detroit. The manufacturer of the cars has carefully communicated to the dealers and to the owners what and what not to put in the crankcase, based on proper operating specs of the vehicle.

      Now any owner is perfectly free, in a sense, to ignore those communications from the manufacturer, and to add water or ethanol or brake fluid to the crank case, if they so wish. But if they do add any of those substances, contrary to manufacturer recommendations, they will mess their car up. And they will void the warranty and have one messed up piece of junk on their hands.

      God is our manufacturer. He is our Creator. And He has written an owner’s manual and given it to us.

      What’s in that owner’s manual is not something that the Church can arbitrarily define and undefine, anymore than the publisher of a car’s owner’s manual can arbitrarily modify the text.

      That definition of homosexual acting out as disordered comes directly from the One who wrote the owner’s manual. Only He can change it.

    • Ted Seeber

      You’ve got to convince the writers of the new Owner’s Manual. Not the Bible, but the Diagnostic and Statician’s Manual, which since the committee working on revision II TR got taken over by the Gay Agenda, homosexuality is the only NORMAL form of sexuality. Everything else is considered disordered, including teenagers who backtalk.

  • For a while you were using the term “black shorts,” a reference to P.G. Wodehouse’s wannabe dictator Roderick Spode. What happened to that?

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Chris Chan beat me to it. Yes, “gay blackshorts” please.

    • Gary Keith Chesterton

      I never thought I’d ever write “Yes, ‘gay blackshorts’ please.” But I have.

  • I’m not normally given to such labeling, but gay brownshirts works fine with me. After having started a new job (thankfully), my first days have been spent in orientation including, and almost emphasizing, the fact that if anyone even thinks so much as coming close to making a person of certain sexual orientations feel uncomfortable, then there’s the door. This then followed by an appeal to join various groups in the rather vast corporation that might have things you are interested in. The spotlight group? You guessed it, the only one that was actually suggested that we join, after being told almost everyone belongs to it in the company. Let me tell you, I felt as uncomfortable as you could get, praying that nobody ask me to join right there on the spot (since there were a couple groups I’d like to join, I can’t lie and say I’m not going to join, but I dare not say why I wouldn’t – at least given the emphasis on what would happen if I somewhat vaguely made persons of certain sexual orientations feel uncomfortable). FWIW, this is not unique. Before my wife was laid off last year, her company had revamped its diversity training to emphasize sexual orientation. I remember her coming home and feeling very ill at ease. Now I know how she felt.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Mark is obviously using “brownshirts” in reference not to any overseas organization, but to certain of our own U.S. state troopers and other law enforcement agents, many of whose uniform consists of brown shirts and beige or tan trousers.

    And if anyone suggests that Mark’s use of the term is somehow perjorative, they should look in the mirror and ask themselves why they hate our brave and hard-working police force so much. And whether their own intolerant attitudes are not an indictment of their education. And whether that is not an indictment of our educational system. And whether that is not an indictment of the American way of life.

    I’m not going to sit here and listen to anyone rag on America. I support our country, and I support Mark’s use of the term brown shirt. It is a good thing.

  • Elizabeth Warren

    No one cares what one paleface calls another paleface. All paleface brownshirt.

  • Mark, you’ve been using the term for years. It’s almost your nom de plume.

    I think you are free to use the term, but I also think name-calling in general is imprudent. You are free to be imprudent, especially since this is the blogosphere and it’s what we do with it.

    That said, human beings behave badly. You know this well, carrying the anti-torture banner bravely for many years in spite of foamy-mouthed opposition from your sister and brother conservative Catholics.

    So when you write about brownshirts, I yawn. So what? Almost every person and most saints behave like a brownshirt at one time or another. Often when their pride or livelihood or loved ones are threatened. So the anti-SSA movement stirs up some inappropriate anger. So what? You were expecting hugs and kisses? You wouldn’t want them anyway, right?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Who was threatening the lives or livelihood of the individuals smashing up churches? Did the churches pull a gun on them?

  • str

    Please don’t use “visigoths”, as they at least spared churches.

    • Paulus

      Actually then Vandals would be an appropriate moniker as they were no friends of the Catholics. St. Augustine perished during the Vandal siege of Hippo.

  • Telemachus

    How about Al-Queerda?

  • Paul H

    Just out of curiosity, who has said that you are not supposed to say “Gay Brownshirts”? Random people in your comment box? Another Catholic blogger? The powers that be at Patheos?

    • Mark Shea

      Nope. No Powers that be. Just various critics and comboxers. And I’m willing to listen. I think Leah had a point when she said “I can’t hear you over your Nazi analogies”. It’s just that, well, when gays keep acting like SA I keep thinking “They act like SA.”

      • Paul H

        Hi Mark,

        Thanks for answering. As to whether you should or should not use the term “gay brownshirts,” I can see both sides. I think that Leah makes a good point, that the term might turn some people off. But honestly I never have had a problem with your use of “gay brownshirts,” because it seems appropriate in the context.

        • If you were to pray for one of these people, would you refer to them using such a term to Jesus? How does He refer to them, in His heart?
          He is the last person we will ever give account to, for how we have treated/called/loved anyone, so I would seek His heart in this, not man’s wind tossed opinions.

          • Danielle

            Probably in just such away. Last night, walking with 11 y/o downtown after some quality time together, a young Native guy out drinking on the sidewalk started hollering obscene comments about my daughter’s anatomy. After being asked to stop talking, to stop following us, to the extant that I was looking for a police officer (but because idiot that I am, I didn’t take my cell phone). Daughter gets to see mom in a tizzy and little drunk dude’s friend thinks it’s funny. Get home. Find husband. Yell, cry, hug daughter extensively (she was fine, she had plan from her martial arts training she was gonna use, *I* was that upset) How else could I pray for the obviously much needed conversion? So, yes, in my prayers I prayed for the conversion of the disgusting idiot that verbally assaulted my daughter and me. Painful.

  • Kirt Higdon

    Gay brownshirts works for me, especially given that the original SA brownshirts were mostly gay, were headed by an out and proud homosexual, Ernst Roehm, and that this was recognized at the time by friends, enemies, and neutral commentators alike. The reputations of the gay Roehm and the bi-sexual Hitler were so well known that even heterosexual Nazis like Goering and Goebbels were sometimes called gay due to guilt by association.

  • adonais

    Brownshirts they are, whether you say so or not. Might as well say so. “Mean People Suck” is not an article of faith. John the Baptist’s “brood of vipers” talk would be condemned as hate speech today, and probably get him sued by PETA on behalf of the snakes. You’ve made it abundantly clear, at some cost, that you don’t mean all homosexuals, just the ones who behave like brownshirts. Anyone who doesn’t see that is either an idiot, disingenuous, or a disingenuous idiot. Speak softly, and no one will hear you, while the enemy are screaming like the damned they may be, will all the networks amplifying them. If you’re getting stoned by your own, it should tell you you’re doing something right. Keep up the good fight.

  • Brian

    The term “Gay Brownshirts” works perfectly. If the jackboot fits…

  • Marthe Lépine

    Gay Brownshirt is actually not so bad; but you could turn it into GBS. That’s short, easy to remember, effective, and has a really modern look in our age of acronyms.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Oh… and GBS can be interpreted in a number of different ways, Gay BS for example…

  • Rebecca

    Why isn’t this considered a Hate Crime????

    • Because only members of official oppressed minorities can be victims of hatecrime, oops, “hate crime”.

    • Mark Shea

      Because hatecrime is bunk.

  • Zac

    How about Stormtroopers? It’s more functionally apt, and more historically accurate.
    Plus, the Star Wars crossover implications will confuse your enemies and divide their powers.

    Actually, from a Catholic perspective isn’t the use of the term ‘gay’ more of a problem than the ‘brownshirts’ label? It implies endorsement of the homosexual identity paradigm over and against the same-sex attraction paradigm. Furthermore, we can’t assume that all those involved in the aggressive vandalism (which I agree is reminiscent of SA tactics) self-identify as homosexual.

    So maybe ‘Progressive Brownshirts’ ‘The Stormtroopers of Tolerance’ ‘the paramilitary wing of the gay-rights movement’, etc. Admittedly they don’t have quite the same ring as ‘gay brownshirts’.

  • Who told you to change the name?

    • Mark Shea

      Several readers.

  • Would the fake Liz Warren be so kind as to bring his sorry ass to Atlanta sometime? My heavybag is in disrepair.

  • Andy s

    How about the “Sexuality of peace”

  • I think I can readily agree to the term “Gay Stormtroopers” or “Gay Blackshorts.” Or perhaps the Purple Paramilitary.

  • The GMLVT’s for short?

  • ivan_the_mad

    How about barbarians? Or perhaps more accurately, “Sinners with hardened hearts for whom we must pray and do penance a great deal”.

  • ds

    How about you just decide whether to say it or not instead of pouting about it. “I’m not supposed to say..” sounds particularly whiny.

  • Just use Raqa . Oh wait, we’re not supposed to call anyone THAT word.

    Good thing the lord came up with a short list to avoid when name-calling.

    You know, Mark, you could make the point that these people are acting like Nazis without resorting to a label. Name calling is meant to squelch real thought about the opponent, it hardens hearts and causes division. We should encourage people to think about these issues rather than allowing them to dismiss our views as just inflammatory rhetoric.

  • nitnot

    “What would be a suitable title … ?” Gaystapo

  • Daniel W Kauffman Jr

    Just say 21st Century Kristallnacht