Conspiracy Theorists Experience Collective Freakout

Conspiracy Theorists Experience Collective Freakout May 17, 2012

…as Obama literary agent revealed to have hyped his African ethnicity to hawk a book 20 years ago.

The Conspiratorial Mind is faced with two alternatives:

1) The State of Hawaii and two local newspapers in Hawaii, as well as a host of agents and actors in between, have created a vast conspiracy to make it appear as though Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Microfilms forged. A solid paper trail set in place. Time machines built to make the paper trail look authentic to the Unconspiratorially Minded.


2) A literary agent, working in tandem with a man who has a proven history of strategic lying, lies that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in order to burnish his Global Thinker/Third World Awesomeness Cred for an audience of brie-eating Progressives that cares intensely about such sexy things.

Naturally, the Conspiratorial Mind will go with alternative 1 and the Talk Radio right will be all atwitter from now until the election trying to prove, yet again, that Obama is Not Really an American. This will, in turn, be yet another engraved gift to Obama from the Thing that Used to be Conservatism as it continues to do everything in its power to inadvertantly re-elect him.

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