The Peril of Gay Space Colonies!

The Peril of Gay Space Colonies! July 14, 2016

is what highly paid public servant Louie Gohmert chooses to spend his time thinking and talking about.

Money well spent.

Hitherto, his big thing was Terror Babies. Here he is, being very very sane about this totally real problem we must all be very very afraid about:

Funny thing. A decade ago, the Panic du Jour was “Demographic Winter”. We all needed to be Very Afraid because Muslims were outbreeding Christians and we needed Christians to get with it and start having babies to swell our ranks. Then Christians from south of the border started coming here in droves, escaping various failed Central American states whose failure, in huge measure, our responsibility. Suddenly those Christians (generally people just looking for a better life, willing to work hard, and want to raise happy families) were not a bulwark against the teeming swarms of Muslims breaking on our shores. Nope, they were “terrorists” and such. Now you never hear about Demographic Winter anymore. That Panic du Jour lost its utility.

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