So about that BLM Day of Rage today

So about that BLM Day of Rage today July 15, 2016

You remember?  The one where raging black savages were going to burn down dozens of cities as the darkest fears of white Patriots were realized?  The right wing interwebz were full of dire warnings this week from such reliably wrong people as Glenn Beck.

And, of course, as with Operation Jade Helm, when Obama was going to invade Texas (a state in the country of which he is, you know, president) and Take All the Guns, nothing happened and the whole thing was a paranoid fantasy believed and propagated by people who keep believing the same visible-from-space lies and urban legends day after day, month after month, year after year.

And yet, never ever ever do these people say, “I have been so wrong about so much much so many times for so long, perhaps the problem is with me and the sources I trust and not with the bogeymen I keep panicking about.  Maybe Obama never was a Muslim from Kenya.  Maybe the whole “Obama is trying to kill us all with Ebola” thing should have taught me to stop trusting the people I trust.  Maybe it’s not true that Michelle Obama is a transgender man and Obama is gay. Perhaps there is something faulty in a theology that teaches me to pray for Obama’s death. Maybe I should reconsider the lies I keep falling for. Just a little bit.”

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