It will be interesting to see…

It will be interesting to see… May 31, 2012

if the Dems, for whom fealty to abortion is the sole core party value, will be able to bring themselves to respect their vaunted support for women enough to say that murdering women in the womb is a bad thing. I suspect not. Particularly since Pharaoh, having already made clear his zeal for sticking scissors in a baby’s brain, leads the party in cheering for sex selective abortion. In the heirarchy of values of the Thing that Used to be Liberalism, the murder of children comes first, then admiration for totalitarian Chinese policies of population control, then somewhere back in the pack of other issues jostling for priority is “concern” over sex selective abortion, never to conflict with the first two priorities. They are, after all, in the pay of extremely wealthy men and women (capitalists all, by the way) who have Big Plans for controlling the swarming of the untermenschen and lebensunwertes leben.

I hope I’m surprised, but I’ve never lost money betting on the child-murdering zeal of the Left. Nor on the naivete of those who think the rich are “conservative”. The rich and powerful are for the rich and powerful. They will favor anything that makes it possible to control and cull the herds of the weak. And politicians, gravitating toward riches and power like insects to a rotting carcass, will tend to truckle to them. Some truckle by (as their ecological niche [that is, voter base] allows) directly supporting abortion. Others, like Romney, maintain their connection by feigning concern about abortion (while having big dinners with the manufacturer of the morning after pill) so as to exploit their particular base. But nobody in our Ruling Class is ever going to seriously attempt to *do* anything about overturning the abortion regime. This will not be won by politics, but by a deep change in our souls that can only come by the Holy Spirit.

He has pulled things like that off before. The infanticidal, slave-owning, gladiatorial arena-murdering Roman Empire became Christian and put a stop to all that (slavery, alas, making a comeback with the rise of the nation state and colonialism centuries later). So there is hope. But we have to get past the band-aid approach of our incurably broken party system and think different.

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