It will be interesting to see…

It will be interesting to see… May 31, 2012

if the Dems, for whom fealty to abortion is the sole core party value, will be able to bring themselves to respect their vaunted support for women enough to say that murdering women in the womb is a bad thing. I suspect not. Particularly since Pharaoh, having already made clear his zeal for sticking scissors in a baby’s brain, leads the party in cheering for sex selective abortion. In the heirarchy of values of the Thing that Used to be Liberalism, the murder of children comes first, then admiration for totalitarian Chinese policies of population control, then somewhere back in the pack of other issues jostling for priority is “concern” over sex selective abortion, never to conflict with the first two priorities. They are, after all, in the pay of extremely wealthy men and women (capitalists all, by the way) who have Big Plans for controlling the swarming of the untermenschen and lebensunwertes leben.

I hope I’m surprised, but I’ve never lost money betting on the child-murdering zeal of the Left. Nor on the naivete of those who think the rich are “conservative”. The rich and powerful are for the rich and powerful. They will favor anything that makes it possible to control and cull the herds of the weak. And politicians, gravitating toward riches and power like insects to a rotting carcass, will tend to truckle to them. Some truckle by (as their ecological niche [that is, voter base] allows) directly supporting abortion. Others, like Romney, maintain their connection by feigning concern about abortion (while having big dinners with the manufacturer of the morning after pill) so as to exploit their particular base. But nobody in our Ruling Class is ever going to seriously attempt to *do* anything about overturning the abortion regime. This will not be won by politics, but by a deep change in our souls that can only come by the Holy Spirit.

He has pulled things like that off before. The infanticidal, slave-owning, gladiatorial arena-murdering Roman Empire became Christian and put a stop to all that (slavery, alas, making a comeback with the rise of the nation state and colonialism centuries later). So there is hope. But we have to get past the band-aid approach of our incurably broken party system and think different.

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  • Cristy

    And so where does that leave us in November?

    • ivan_the_mad

      In the same place it left us last November and the November a thousand years ago – fighting the good fight.

    • John C

      We start by retiring Obama. That is Step One.

      • Unfortunately, retiring Obama leaves the GOP party beholden to Romney for at least the next two Presidential elections. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

        • Ted Seeber

          That’s because it is a lose-lose situation, just like every other presidential election in my 41 years as a citizen of the United States.

  • Maiki

    Any possibility non-terminal disabilities will fall under the umbrella of “discrimination” as well? Or does the bill only help healthy babies?

  • wayne

    Hi Mark, its me, Wayne. How you doing my friend.I wont bore you with my usual expose on the catholic church. Im going to tell you something i never told anyone. When i lived in texas i had a girlfriend. She was on birth control pills.She forgot to resume the pills after the break. I understand that the female has to stop taking the pills once a month for a week or so to let the body recoup or something. In that time when she forgot to resume taking the pills she got pregnant.I was in college in a pre med / clinical chem program. She told me she forgot to resume the pills for a few days but started back up but in that time she got pregnant and was taking the pills for 8 weeks while pregnant. i guess she was tested by her doctor as a routine, she was a Hodgekins survivor and had regular clinic visits. I knew right away that the hormones in the pills had deformed the fetus and that it had no chance of a normal life or even living after birth.I counciled her to abort, even though i was a christian, i felt god was punishing me for not being married. I had every intention on marrying her. i dont have casual sex, being a christian. She was still technically married to her ex husband and he was stalling on the divorce.Its my fault. If i obeyed god none of that would have happened.She had the abortion. She said the baby /fetus/8 weeks, was deformed and squeeked when taken out. I am haunted by this. Thank the Father that his Son died to forgive my sins. I figure i will meet this child in heaven.

    • Mark Shea

      May God grant you and her mercy, pardon, and peace, Wayne. And may God rest that little one’s soul. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • Ted Seeber

      Even though you’re not Catholic and not a woman, I urge you to check out . There’s a retreat weekend coming up in Oregon soon. Men can be harmed by being post-abortive too.

  • Ted Seeber

    I doubt the Democrats will. I’m MUCH more interested in what the League of Women Voters has to say.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Well, the House rejected it:

    Worse yet, the only reason it was rejected was because of the (lack of) procedure used by the Republican house majority (the vote for the bill was 246-168 for passage; enough to pass a majority, but not enough because the Republicans circumvented debate on the bill).

    Not even a little surprising is this bit from the article:
    In some cases, Republicans have rescheduled these bills for regular consideration after they have failed, allowing for passage by a simple majority. But Republicans gave no sign that they would try again with PRENDA.

    Earlier in the day, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated that the issue of stopping sex-selective abortion is important enough that they would try again, but he was not specific.

    Of course they won’t try again. The only reason they brought it to a vote was to embarrass Democrats (as evidenced by the fact that they could have passed the bill with a majority if they chose). Stay in your respective plantations, everybody. We need you in November!

    • Ted Seeber

      I’m going to call my Democratic Feminist House Member, and ask if she’ll reintroduce it. Seems to me even Feminists who are pro-choice would be for this.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        I wouldn’t hold your breath. Dems have been campaigning against it, citing the bogeyman that it would restrict access to abortion, which is the one thing that they’re willing to go to the wall for.

        • Ted Seeber

          Message sent to the following recipients:
          Representative Bonamici
          Message text follows:

          May 31, 2012

          I know I didn’t vote for you, and I know we disagree on some pretty
          fundamental issues, including “women’s health” issues that I consider to
          be extremely suspect as being healthy practices. One of them that nearly
          came to a vote in the house recently was the Republican attempt to
          embarass Democrats and the President on the issue of gender-caused
          abortions: PRENDA, the Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act.

          As I say, we disagree on abortion. But I hope we would agree that male
          and female fetuses shouldn’t be targeted for abortion *merely because of
          their gender*. That in fact this practice in other countries such as
          China and India has produced a horrific sex imbalance- one in which
          females are fewer than males in the current generation (1.17 to 1, 35
          million more male children than female under the age of 15 in China alone).

          So I would urge you to beat the pro-business, pro-wealth, pro-misogynist
          Republicans at their own game. Please reintroduce PRENDA into normal
          debate, perhaps with the enforcement provisions amended to be less


          Theodore Seeber

    • Ted Seeber

      And I did. I even quoted her from that article. Thanks for the link. Maybe she’ll actually do what I requested- reintroduce it *without* the extra enforcement provisions of the family that she objected to. They’d probably be added back in, but that means they’d have to go through the amendment process and a debate to do so- and that would be good for the country too.

  • wayne

    Thank you Mark and Ted. True, im not a female catholic. Post abortion stress is heavy on me. That was my child. I would have done the right thing and married Sandra and raise our child. She wouldnt relocate to los angeles, my home, when it came time for me to leave san antonio. So that was that. I hooked up with a girl i knew since she was little after i got back home. She was all grown up and liked me, her brother said. As usual, sex out of wedlock, but i figured i would marry her. She turned out to be not to my suiting so i quit her but we both were scared to date other people because of AIDS. I was working for the Fed Govt in a bio lab at the time and i had many aids patients. Sure enough she got pregnant and wanted an abortion. She went to Planned Parenthood and got a abortion date. She told me this after the fact. We werent an item so we didnt talk alot. i wanted to, and had moved on but we still got togeather regularly. i told her i was against abortion and wouldnt have a part in it. Theraputic abortion is another story, depending on how bad the situation is. The day she was to have the abortion i fell into depression. That is my mothers grandchild.They left me this giant house for for their grand kids. She showed up that day and i let her in. She said she didnt do it. I threw my hands in the air and started leaping around the house for joy. I told her to move into her new home, she was the mother on my moms grandchildren. My daughter had her first year in that home. My grandparents left us the house, me and 2 sisters, who forced a sale. I married marilyn and raised my daughter. My daughter loves her Dada and we talk all the time. She lives in Roseville Calif, she likes it there and she comes here to visit her mom and her side of the family alot.

    • Ted Seeber

      LA should have Project Rachel groups- they’re all over the country. Check with Catholic Charities in your area; or Right To Life, they’re often affiliated. I know for a fact they don’t discriminate based on religion.

  • Jennifer

    I’m one woman who is sick and tired of hearing Planned Parenthood and these damned politicians say abortion is an integral part of a woman’s “health” and then turn around and literally stab baby girls in the heart as they’ve done today. I have no niceties left for them, no inclination towards politeness. They are the most cowardly, vicious, greedy, soulless animals on the planet. They are fortunate I’m not God and don’t have the power to strike them all dead in an instant. (So am I, I know.)

  • I was thinking along those same lines today Mark. I wonder where all the liberal women’s groups like “NOW” are protesting this?? *looks-around* I can’t see them anywhere protesting the butchering of females in the womb…
    We live in a sick world, may God have mercy on us all.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      NOW and the like haven’t stood for women’s rights or respect since they stood by Clinton for his disgusting behavior.

  • John

    I see that YOUR boy RON PAUL is also in favor of killing women in the womb.

    Cant wait to see how you explain that one away… Or maybe you’ll finally come to your senses and realize RP is a fruitcake.

    • Mark Shea

      Not a mystery. I disagree with his vote. My guess is that he thought it to be unenforceable grandstanding, for which a case can, in fact, be made. Still I would prefer as many roadblocks as possible to abortion and think he should have supported it.