Rich to our Troops

Rich to our Troops May 31, 2012

Self-sacrifice for thee, but not for me. Thanks for defending our country while I got rich off it. Tough luck about the missing limbs, brain injuries, ruined families, soaring suicide rates, and landfill burials. I’m outta here! Gotta protect the investment and look out for Numero Uno!

Not only can you not serve God and Mammon, you can’t even serve your country and Mammon. Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added as well. Seek first the kingdom of Mammon and you will lose your lest shred of honor and then your soul.

God sees–and remembers. And he still casts down the mighty in their arrogance and lifts up the meek and the lowly. Our debased culture calls that “class envy”. I call it the Magnificat and the praise of God by his greatest saint.

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