Obama Continues to Impress our Allies

Obama Continues to Impress our Allies May 31, 2012

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  • johnpaul79

    if america has so many “close and strong allies” why does it,s government treat everyone with such contempt as to look upon them as a potential terrorist who is about to inflict terrible destruction and harm on them, even to the point as viewing their own citizens in the same way!! to listen to obama you would think the whole world was having a love affair with america.

  • LeeAnn

    That was pretty funny.

  • Faith

    Snort! So he sees international relations in terms of pugilism. So profound!

  • Lisa

    I hate the acronym “WTF.” It’s vulgar; it’s overused. Nonetheless, after watching this video, I actually said the words- not the letters, the words.
    BHO is not a smart man. He looks like a smart man, a handsome man, a kind man. If he and I were single, I’d love to romance him, I have to admit. But he’s a dummy, a few cards short. Just as he says that all these “little” countries punch above their weight, he punches above his, in the sense that he sounds intelligent, competent, but when you really listen, he’s a fool. I say this not as a partisan, just an observer of celebrities. I said the same of W; but W had the sense to know his intellectual limitations and kept his mouth shut whenever in doubt. This choad has the unfortunate coupling of ignorance and arrogance.
    He crusaded against American arrogance, yet this “punch above your weight” condescension is the most egregious elitism ever spewed from a POTUS. (I say this as a daughter of one of the “little” countries that punches above its weight.)

  • Peggy R

    Doesn’t the man have a variety of phrases from which to choose? Same stock meaningless praise to each nation. Hard to believe he ever wrote a book.

    • Mark Shea

      I doubt he did. Such things are typically ghost written. As a ghost writer of several books, I know whereof I speak. From JFK to Sarah Palin, this is standard practice.

      • Peggy R

        Oh, of course. I said that quite knowingly as there are suspicions that Bill Ayers wrote one book. Yet, O was a nobody who would have had to write on his own when he was starting down that road. He just couldn’t do it on his own–and we see why.

      • Will you ghost write one for me, Mark? How much do you charge for a book? For blogging?

        • Mark Shea

          I’m happy to ghost write for you. Depending on the job, I charge starting at $7000. However, you want to be sure you are getting somebody who understand the material. I don’t know I’d be much good at writing about acupuncture.

      • Lisa

        I recently heard a very cunning linguist analyze BHO’s prose, comparing his prepped speeches, his autobiography, and his off-the-cuff remarks. It was her conclusion that they were produced by at least seven authors. Ergo, he is either Sybil, or he is inauthentic. I prefer to think of him as Sybil. I always loved Sally Field.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    WTF-Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Karl Keating

    I know the feeling. When I was in college, Eldridge Cleaver came to campus. We had been given his “Soul on Ice” to read. The book had stylistic merit. His speech had none, unless you count ranting and expletives. It was at the speech that I concluded that he had had a ghost writer.