A reader writes in response…

A reader writes in response… June 14, 2012

…to this post:

Despair can cause us to look for hope in anything, much less something specifically crafted to deceive us into investing in a particular hope; and sometimes we get so hurt by being betrayed, we do not have enough strength left to admit that we walked into the betrayal with open eyes. (Sometimes we are so *shocked* by a betrayal that it becomes hard to *remember* we walked into it with open eyes, which is where I suspect a number of Obama supporters now stand.)

These people were thinking that something they’d been taught all their lives was one of the greatest shames (if they were white) or indignities (if they were black) of their nation, the racist disenfranchisement within its history, would be redressed for good and all. They were thinking that finally laws could be put in place to make sure the poor and uninsured got decent medical care; that pilgrims seeking new and better lives would get laws more friendly to them; that women and non-het people would have medical support and legal approval for living independent and sexually fulfilled lives… and most of all, they trusted that Obama & Co. had figured out a way around two things they *didn’t* want to think about: TANSTAAFL, and the Law of Unintended Consequences. How could any decent idealistic person not wax rhapsodic and joyful about such things?

By reflecting on the fact that this was a man who had no moral qualms at all about sticking scissors in a baby’s brain? For some of us, that’s a red flag that all is not as messianic as it sounds.

Also, it’s worth noting that conservatives are every bit as full of despair over Obama as lefties were over Bush and McCain. Yet I’d be hard pressed to think of any conservative who would say of Romney the ridiculous crap that Obama worshippers routinely said of him. Even that species of conservative most likely to regard their hero as a prophet–te Ron Paul devotee–does not invest their hero with this secular messianic new age spiritual claptrappery that was so extremely common from the fools in the Obama camp.

Nope. It’s not a function of “despair”. It’s a function of the fact that a lot of people on the Left, having abandoned God and come to hold Christ in contempt, have instead battened on politics as their ersatz religion and, consequently, don’t believe in nothing, but in anything. In this case, the Anything happened to be Barack Obama and they directed toward him the worship due to God alone–with embarrassing, ridiculous, and deadly results. This is what I mean about the need for Obama worshippers to take full responsibility for their Obama worship and not try to fob it off on somebody else or make excuses for it. It’s not just stupid. It’s dangerous and gets innocent people killed.

The good news for people who have forgotten the truth about the true God and followed strange gods like Obama is that he is merciful and forgiving. And, no, you don’t have to vote Republican to receive his mercy. Just believe in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

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