Change You Can Believe In!

Change You Can Believe In! June 29, 2012

“As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts …” –

Mind you, I don’t regard the Obamacare decision as the apocalyptic event died-in-the-wool Obama haters do. I just think this quote is hilarious. I hope that once the hysteria has died down and Talk Radio imbibing conservatives have changed their underwear, drunk some of Jeeves’ tissue restorer and cooled down, they will consider the possibility that the reality is not that Roberts went from being the Paladin of Judicial Righteousness to Judas Iscariot but that he remains what he was all along, a very bright conservative justice.

Meanwhile, the central issue (as far as I am concerned) remains to be tested: Catholic conscience and the damnable HHS mandate.

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