Deacon Greg Kandra…

Deacon Greg Kandra… June 20, 2012

…used to work for CBS. He brings an interesting perspective because he knows enough about the news biz to intelligently comment on when there’s actual bias and when the Mark Twain Principle (Never attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by stupidity) applies.

And even he throws his hands in the air and despairs that a hack like Andrea Mitchell and a Ministry of Truth like MSNBC are taken seriously by any consumer of media.

When the history of our decent into a police state ruled by corrupt oligarch disseminating agitprop through a pliant media is written, a whole chapter will be devoted to MSNBC, right after the chapter on FOXNews.

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  • Kirt Higdon

    I have a great deal of respect for Mark Twain, but could never understand that particular principle. Not only are malice and stupidity not mutually exclusive, but malice leads to stupid thinking and behavior.

  • Shan Gill

    Am curious as to the accusation against Fox News, since the news programs on Fox generally tend to be middle-of-the-road compared to CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR and CBS. Many people make the accusation against Fox News, yet never offer specific day/time/subject/reporter citation to back it up.

    • FOX, like the others, is obviously agenda driven. It shouldn’t have pointed out FOX, but simply said, like the other news agencies, FOX included.

      • Bill

        I am a right of center guy and I realize FOX News is geared for conservatives.

        There’s no real “moderate” news channel.

        • Ted Seeber

          The only moderate news channel I know of is EWTN. Or *maybe* the BBC.

          • Will

            When Raymond talks, EWTN is not moderate.

            • Of course ‘moderate’ is relative. Years ago, I remember reading a news story about some fundamentalist group in Scotland who condemned Jerry Falwell as a radical liberal. So there you go.

  • Claire

    Andrea Mitchell is one of the worst, in my opinion, because she pretends to be above the bias. She has a ridiculous promo on MSNBC in which she declares that democracy is all about encouraging as many people to vote as possible, regardless of their political affiliation. When I see it, I always wonder if that includes Catholics and other pro-lifers.

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    I cannot help but wonder how many WaWa sandwhiches Andrea Mitchell has ordered. I suspect none at all which to me makes her “Haha! Any idiot knows how to order a sandwhich!” schtick just that much more stupid and offensive.

    And full disclosure, I have never ordered a WaWa sandwhich as we don’t have WaWas here in the great Hinterlands. So I’d be pretty psyched to order something from a touchpad too.

    • Ted Seeber

      What the heck is a WaWa?

      • A wild goose. What *do* they teach in school these days?

        • Ted Seeber

          Well, I’m 30 years out of school, but I was taught that men are evil and the cause of all the problems in the world.

      • Christina

        Thank you, Ted. I was wondering the same thing. I have even driven through PA twice in the last month, and never saw one.

        • Ted Seeber

          It appears, from a google search, to be an automated sandwich shop of some sort- you order by touchscreen, pay the cashier, and he hands you your sandwich.

          I wonder if it’s as interactive as a Subway- which is a place I always get into arguments with my special needs son over (and not JUST because he would have rather gone to McDonald’s for a happy meal).

          • Patrick

            WaWa’s are the greatest sandwich-shop-in-a-gas-station that science has ever devised.

            Seriously. You have an absurd amount of sandwich options at a WaWa. It’s stupefying.

            • ivan_the_mad

              WaWa really is the greatest. But one can’t forget Sheetz. Unfortunately, I’ve moved somewhere lacking both 🙁

              • Andy, Bad Person

                Sheetz is what they are more likely to have in Pennsylvania, where Romney was.

                • WaWa is a convenience store chain, a la Seven-Eleven, except 1000 times better. A friend of mine works for them and is responsible for bringing them to Florida. I think one or two are already open in the Orlando area and I know they will be in the Tampa Bay area within the next two years.

                  • Patrick

                    A thousand years from now, the Floridians of the future will trade relics of your friend’s body in honor of the work he’s doing for them right now.

                    What a hero.

                    • I do not even know where you’re trying to go with that statement…

                    • Ted Seeber

                      “What a hero”
                      Pun intended?

  • betsybounds

    I don’t know when democracy morphed into being about encouraging as many people as possible to vote. But I do know that in the old Soviet Union, present-day Cuba, and other tyranical regimes the voter participation rate generally was/is in excess of 95%. This fact should lead any thoughtful person to wonder whether there is actually a direct relationship between freedom and voter turnout. I also remember that under Saddam Hussein, the Iraq voter turnout approached 100%. So.

  • John C

    The good Deacon should have figured this out long ago. It’s malice, for sure. High school crap.

  • Arnold

    The Fox News channel has conservative or conservative-leaning commentators but its news broadcasts are middle of the road from what I can see. Often, they are the only one that reports news found to be unworthy of the major networks’ attention, like for instance, the suits brought against the administration by over 40 Catholic organizations. One “conservative” channel vs. MSNBC ( no contest there) and the major network news outfits plus NPR, the NY Times, WA Post, etc. Mark frequently blasts Fox News but I wonder on what basis, since he doesn’t watch TV.

  • Andy

    I have given up watching news for the most part – there are no systems of delivery that are not biased in one way or another – I think the differences that folks point out is when an individual agrees with what is said. It is important to remember that all of these networks are designed to make money – controversy sells, actual news without slant doesn’t. The” news” presented, who presents it (personality and type of person), when it is presented, and how are choreographed to make money.
    The media, our government at all levels have been bought – just like those enterprises in tyrannical countries, the difference being that in the US the companies try to keep it hidden, while in tyrannies they don’t hide it, they merely do it.

  • Observer

    All news is biased in one way or another. Agreeably, Fox does have some better headlines and news stories. However, I do not like their take on area’s of faith, family, and culture. I would prefer a really biased news channel so that I may be better informed not to buy the c*r*a*p they put on. Didn’t Mark Twain say something as..”If you don’t read the news, you will be un-informed; if you read the news, you will be mis-informed.” I’d rather be mis-informed so that I can be corrected. Whereas when I’m un-informed, I may take anything as a fact.

  • Dean

    There is a difference between having a particular interpretation of the facts and deliberately distorting the reporting of the facts to present a wrong picture of the situation. I can’t say I recall FOX news (note, not people like Hannity) getting caught doing this. NBC, with Zimmerman and now with Romney, has been caught twice getting creative with the editing of its video/audio to twist the telling of the story. It’s viscious.

    • Ted Seeber

      I’ve seen ALL the major news networks do this at one time or another. In fact, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show seems to get at least 3/4ths of his material from this, and he’s an equal opportunity offender (that is also why, if the Daily Show is the only news you ever see, you’ll always be 48 hours behind the real world).

  • Nonymous

    Back in 1980, I watched a Reagan / Carter debate. Before the debate, ABC told us they were conducting a call-in poll that would indicate who won the debate and who would “likely” win the election. Reagain won in a landslide, but suddenly the poll was “not scientific” and “not a reliable predictor of the outcome of the election.”

    Three years later, I watched the ABC agitprop film “The Day After,” which depicted a a nuclear holocaust unleashed by irresponsible world leaders. At the time, the MSM was full of stories about Ronald Reagan’s provoking the Soviet Union (never the other way around). It was probably a coincidence that the US president, whose voice was heard on a radio broadcast in the movie, sounded just like Ronald Reagan.

    The following year, I watched the Mondale campaign use footage from “The Day After” for one of its campaign advertisements, in a lame attempt to reprise the “Daisy” ad (used by LBJ to accuse Barry Goldwater of warmongering).

    Ten years later, Peter Jennings explained the Gingrich midterm elections (remember the “Contract on America”?) thus: “Ask parents of any two-year-old and they can tell you about those temper tantrums: the stomping feet, the rolling eyes, the screaming . . . Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage.”

    It was all downhill then, and after — refusing to run a story by a credible victim claiming she was raped by Bill Clinton until after his re-elect, passing off forged documents as proof that George W. Bush cheated on his National Guard service during Vietnam. . . . . .