From the Annals of Spam Suckupery

From the Annals of Spam Suckupery June 7, 2012

My blog gets *tons* of praise heaped on it every day. Unfortunately, it mostly comes from spambots. Here is one of the more amusing examples of the praise of my genius from a robot, plucked from the spam file:

After review assortment in point of the blog posts by way of your website now, abstruse inner self really-truly aim at your resolve in point of blogging. alter bookmarked number one to my critical point website fall flat abridgement will power dovetail array anneal eagerly. Pls check my lacing where else abridgement broach other self bet on what himself intellectualize.

Thanks Tasmy LED! You really put it well. It’s hard to even argue with that.

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  • Telemachus

    I wish my spam were this entertaining. I just get emails for Rolex watches and Viagra.

  • Linebyline

    Harrumph. I don’t need a private investigator to check my lacing. (Though there is apparently a TED video about tying shoes that I’ve been meaning to watch…)