You’ve Been Nirvana Rolled

You’ve Been Nirvana Rolled December 21, 2015

"Light humor.Just because you think/say you are something doesn't make it true."

On gays in the Church
"No True Scotsman. ^Wow, didn't see that one coming.^"

On gays in the Church
"Fake followers of Christ can call themselves followers, but that doesn't *make* them followers."

On gays in the Church
"Nonsense!Supporting one side and ignoring the other is what is a distortion of Catholic teaching."

That feeling of dread…

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  • M V

    I think this was one of the most disturbing and perhaps the most controversial posts you’ve ever posted, Mr. Shea. Grunge mixed with Pop? How could you? I might need smelling salts! (Insert smiley, and winky emoticons here).