The Spiritual Master Pope Francis Wants You to Read

The Spiritual Master Pope Francis Wants You to Read December 21, 2015

Bishop Robert Barron is on the story.

In addition to Dante, you can also read Jerry Pournelle’s and Larry Niven’s Inferno.  That way, you can tell people you have read Jerry, Larry, and Alighieri, and won’t that feel nice?

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  • Thomas

    The Spiritual Master? Jesus is our spiritual master, the Pope is a spiritual servant.

    • Dan F.

      FYI – the reference was to Dante, not the pope

      • Thomas

        Opps…my bad.

    • chezami

      The pope is referring to Dante.

  • The Institute of Catholic Culture has an excellent lecture by Dr. James Patrick on Dante and the “Divine Comedy”. (The free audio lecture is available for download or via podcast.) The first lecture is about Dante and the historical times he lived in. The second focuses on “Divine Comedy”. Highly recommended! (especially the second lecture)