Irish Government To Make War…

Irish Government To Make War… June 18, 2012

on the Seal of the Confessional “for the children”.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not gonna protect a single kid, only going to contribute to an already metastasizing surveillance state, ultimately going to make Caesar stupider than he already is since sin makes you stupid and attacking a sacrament is a massively stupid sin. Triple threat.

Has it occurred to any of the geniuses behind this law to ask how it is to be enforced? Do they want bugs in the confessional? If not, then how on earth can it ever be proven that a priest heard about abuse under the Seal? And if the problem is that crime is protected by the Seal, then why only focus on this crime? Why not bug the confessional in case other crimes are confessed as well? And why just the confessional? Why not violate everybody’s privacy all the time, just in case?

Look for more of this as the Police State continues to make war on the Church.

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