It’s the Summer Solstice!

It’s the Summer Solstice! June 21, 2012

And because, as we are instructed each Christmas, Catholicism is nothing more or other than warmed-over paganism, that is why the summer solstice is one of the four holiest days on the Christian calendar when the Church celebrates… um… something. It’ll come to me.

Well, anyway… you have to admit that Catholics do hold the autumnal equinox in particular sacred esteem because… um, there’s some feast or other then…

Okay, well anyway, you can’t deny that the holiest day–Easter–is tied to the spring equinox because, um, it’s tied to the Jewish feast of Passover, not a pagan feast at all.

But still and all, Christmas is obviously just a warmed over solstice celebration… except that it’s not.

Moral: When you want to know about Catholic teaching, stop believing what is “common knowledge” and try listening to the Church instead. It turns out Christians have given more thought to their tradition than media dabblers writing under a deadline and regurgitating the first garbage they cut and pasted from Wikipedia.

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