Cosmos in the Lost on the “eclipse of science”…

Cosmos in the Lost on the “eclipse of science”… April 7, 2014

during those terrible Middle Ages.

It’s amazing how much intellect worshippers fail to *use* the object of their adoration when it comes to the regurgitation of memes that have been exploded countless times. The War of the Church against Science is, quite simply, a creation myth promulgated in order to shove the Catholic tradition out of the public square and fill the vacuum, not with science, but with atheist materialism using science as a fig leaf. Examine the myth and not only is there not There there, there is instead the blazingly obvious fact that science owes its birth to the Latin Catholic tradition.

We need more honest and historically literate atheists like Tim O’Neill.

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  • Dr. Eric

    My one quibble with the blog post. The Chinese did perform dissections AND vivisections all the time. They were performed by physicians and coroners and recorded by artists.

    The character that looks like a smiley face is the heart.

  • I’m recommending Rodney Stark’s recent book to clear up a lemming herd of historical pseudo-facts.

  • Mark R

    I will add that science’s surge forward before the industrial revolution was more the result of “mechanics'” and craftsmens innovations than from any work done in a mediaeval-founded university.

    • Sharon

      Mark R will you provide some links to support your claim please.

  • wlinden

    He writes that “Bruno also subscribed to millenarian apocalyptic beliefs that have much
    more in common with those who believe in the Rapture (and Swedenborg) ”

    This makes as much sense as “Mark Shea has much in common with Catholics (and Unitarians)”, or “libertarians and Communists”. Guess all them heretics look alike to him.

    Swedenborg teaches no “millenarian beliefs”, but tells us we are in a “steady state” world that will never change much. Modernists like to vapor about “realized eschatology”, but we are the only ones who go the whole hog.

    Will, member of a “strange church” that “doesn’t believe in normal things” according to Missouri Democraps (and apparently, Cosmostheinlost)

  • A J MacDonald Jr

    It all stems from the Church’s insistence that the Bible’s geocentric theory was true and the theory (eventually) being proven untrue. This was a big blow to the Church and the Bible from which we have not yet recovered.

  • Mark R

    I don’t have a link but a book: The Western Intellectual Tradition by Jacob Bronowsli and B. Mazlish. The title sounds like a Western Civ. text, but it realky deals mostly with science…written by scientists with a literary bent.