Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage

Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage April 7, 2014

I’ve always loved John Michael Talbot and admired his work, both in music, and as a leader in the Christian community. That said, *this* Little Portion has nothing to do with John Michael’s Little Portion.  But it’s still a very cool and Catholic thing. My friend Kevin Lowry at the Coming Home Network gives the scoop:

Brother Rex Anthony Norris is a Franciscan hermit – yes, there are still hermits in the 21st century! – who may already be familiar to you.  He is a Catholic blogger, and a spiritual advisor to the Coming Home Network International, an organization well-known for programs like “The Journey Home” on EWTN. In fact, Brother Rex will be appearing on EWTN tonight, April 7th at 8pm Eastern, to share his conversion story and talk about the life of a hermit.

We recently established the “Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage” (“FLPH”) to help found a permanent hermitage for the present hermit and his successors. You can read more about Brother Rex and the task at hand in this post by yours truly:

Above all, we ask for your prayers for the success of this project, if that is God’s Will.  For in the end, this is God’s work we are trying to do. We are merely doing our best to serve as His instruments.

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless!

The Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage

Kevin Lowry, President
Jon Marc Grodi, Vice-President
William Newton, Secretary

And then, badabing badaboom, I get an email from Brother Rex himself!  He writes:

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy you blog. We met at last year’s Defending the Faith Conference but I think I was one of several hundred people you met that weekend.

I’d like to call your attention to a entry posted at the blog of one of the board members of the ministry founded to support my vocation in consecrated life. When you have a few minutes, please read about the Friends of Little Portion Hermitage at the address below. If you think this announcement is worth sharing on your blog or otherwise with your friends, please feel free. If not, well, that’s okay too.

BTW: The Friends now have a Twitter account:

They also have a Facebook page:

Keep up the good work for the Christ and His Church in the blogosphere. Be assured of my praters for you. Please pray for me, a sinner upon whom the Lord has looked with His mercy.

How wonderful!  A chance to support a hermit as he prays for the rest of us.  May God bless your work in the Vineyard, Br. Rex!  Father, provide the funds and the prayer opportunities and make fruitful thiss hidden and vital work of your servant and son.  Mother Mary and St. Anthony of the Desert, pray for him and all who are supporting him!  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen!

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