Friar Roderic Burke has a nifty video series on Faith and Science starting up

Friar Roderic Burke has a nifty video series on Faith and Science starting up June 20, 2018

He writes:

This is Friar Roderic Burke from the Franciscans of the Immaculate. I am glad you are still writing so productively, calling people away from the extremes. I started a new video series called “Mary to the Moon” that has the same themes but linking it to the false dichotomy between faith and science, rather that both are needed for true human progress. This, in turn, is related to the false dichotomy between left and right and to the larger false dichotomy of holiness vs humanity. I tie this to Devotion to Mary since it is in her womb that the incarnation takes place uniting God and man in one person, definitely demonstrating that you can be both holy and human and this is what God made us for.

So, yeah, I plan on ding a lot with this, promoting a both-and mentality in an either-or world that is rapidly descending into a neither-nor world. Let me know what you think and perhaps any suggestions.

Howdy Friar Roderic! I don’t have a whole lot to add to what you are doing except “Bravo!” and “Keep on keeping on!” I think your first video is lovely and I love especially your emphasis on the Great Catholic Both/And that is so sorely needed in our demented culture. I also really love your astute observation that the either/or is mutating into the neither/nor. Well put! It is the Catholic insistence that to become more holy is to become more human that is what made a Catholic of me. Please keep sending out that message because the world is dying for lack of it and so many Christianists—especially those at war with Francis, evangelization, and the least of these are smothering it to death. Again, bravo! You are a breath of fresh air from the Holy Spirit!

Send me more links as you make more videos and I will post them!

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