Nice to see her make it legal

Nice to see her make it legal June 1, 2012

Previously, she was just living together.

Of course, if there’s a divorce it’s going to get particularly messy.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather a scornful tone,”it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

"There seem to be nothing but Sargeant Schultzes running the Catholic Church."

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Noodling Leviticus with a Reader

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  • Boy, that takes the whole “to make an honest woman of her” phrase take on a really strange new meaning…

  • The toothpaste is out of the tube now…many of your faithful readers pointed stuff like this out but were lambasted by your more “intelligent and enlightened” readers as making folly about the pureness and intrinsic glory of “gay” marriage….

  • Robert Salmon

    I love myself, I think I’m grand.
    I sit in the movies and hold my hand.
    I put my arm around my waist.
    If I get fresh, I slap my face.

    • whimsy

      I’m a nut. I’m a nut. I’m a nut. I’m a nut.

  • Maiki

    It is like consecrated virginity without any of the difficult “Chastity”. I don’t have a problem with there being other professed vows for single people, but it isn’t marriage or a substitute for marriage. I think secular culture lacks any language for being single and happy about it.

    • Michelle

      No, this is not like consecrated virginity. Consecrated virgins consecrate their virginity not to themselves but to Christ. Consecrated virgins are in a relationship with Another. This woman is only in a relationship with Herself.

      • Cephas

        “relationship with another”: if a person distances himself, generally mentally, from other parts of himself, the result may be a relationship with self as other, a real psychological disorder. But if such deviancy is encouraged, it only serves to exacerbate it.

  • Charlie

    I feel sorry for these lonely, sad people who “marry” their pets, or buildings, or their cars, or themselves. I don’t know what shining a media spotlight on them accomplishes except exposing them to ridicule when what they need is compassion and care. They certainly could use more prayers and less scorn.

  • Rich Fader

    So now she can…consummate her marriage with…herself with a clear conscience, yes?

  • “I am a rock, I am an iiiiiisland”

  • Ed Pie

    I can’t help wondering if her friend was speaking rhetorically when saying “Marry yourself.”

    I sometimes try to look at myself objectively, from the outside, but I just don’t think of that as a “relationship” except perhaps in the most abstract sense of the word.

    No wonder her kids live with their father.

    Is it just me, or does the picture give a distinct “This is the ME show!” vibe?

  • Observer

    You cannot marry yourself (an oxymoron of reality.)