The delightfully subversive Andrew Klavan…

The delightfully subversive Andrew Klavan… June 21, 2012

offers a paean of praise to murdering little girls. Jonathan Swift would be proud.

But Mark!  You’ve criticized Live Action for attacking PP killing little girls!  You’ve said you can understand why somebody like Ron Paul would vote against an anti-gendercide bill.

Yes.  It’s true.  I do not live in a Manichaean mental universe.  This is one of the great ironies of the whole “Lying for Jesus’ discussion. People with amazingly simplistic black and white analyses (“If you criticize anything about Live Action whatosever, it’s because you love abortion and want to murder as many children as possible!”) then turn around and tell you that I must either accept lying as a Christian virtue or else be tarred forever as desiring the death of babies and the extermination of Jews–and I’m a simplistic fundamentalist for accepting the plain teaching of the Church to boot.

In fact, however, I oppose the murder of little girls and I support LA’s work–when it does not involve lying. Similarly, I disagree with Ron Paul’s vote, but still think him an honorable man who, quite obviously, is motivated by honorable principle and desirous of stopping abortion. Such nuance seems to escape a lot of combox inquisitors.

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  • Why is this so hard for you to understand?

    We can have truth after we have victory.

    • ivan_the_mad

      If lying is always a sin, and we need to lie for victory … whose victory are we advancing? … Father of Lies, anyone?

  • Gregg

    Mitt loves ths TSA, illegals, bailouts and invented Obamacare. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.

    9/11, US and Israel:

    • ivan_the_mad

      I support Paul, but this post is more than slightly off-topic 😉

  • Observer

    Perhaps – as one speculation not even mentioned – Mr. Paul has worked on the frontlines of aiding women to carry their expectant child to full birth. So, perhaps as one particular speculation not necessarily being observed, he knows such a bill may jeopardize the success of the pro-l’ife movement. For, such a bill may further the divide between pro-l’ife people of charity and procho’icers so far as to eliminate any remote possibility of rescuing women and their children from such a horrific disaster in the end. For, the bill could press people to feel endangered and in trouble before the law (as prohibition did.) That is, you may have aborshun speak-easy’s, if you will, and an undertermined account of women going to term an expectant life. And thus, you have no possibilty – at all – nor the plausible – to rescue and save lives.

  • If I recall correctly, Dr. Paul supportssome form of the Human Life Amendment, most of which would declare that a person exists from the moment of conception.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Ted Seeber

    Last night I finally was able to secure a baby sitter and watch _For Greater Glory_ on the last night it was in First Run in my region of the country.

    Live Action reminds me of the priests who fought for the Christeros (as opposed to the ones who refused to fight and just helped them with food, ammunition, and money). Especially meaningful to me was the scene where Fr. Vega is celebrating his unit taking the train without taking lives- just as the one remaining Federales shoots his brother. Fr. Vega seems to be in such pain that he doesn’t even offer his brother last rights. He tries three times to ask if everybody’s off the train before burning it- but 51 passengers are still on the train. The next day, El Presedente Calles goes on the radio claiming that the Christeros are murderers who burnt “hundreds” to death- Fr Vega in his shame handed the Federales their greatest propaganda of the war. One only hopes that in the 20 minutes after he survived the Battle of Jalisco, he found forgiveness for this sin in the sacrament of confession. (In real life he must have- he’s been beatified).

  • Observer

    LA thought out their actions beforehand to pull the stunt of disguise and leading a woman in her errors at PP. A lie was used to draw a confession of a woman’s errors and exploited her identity to the public. One might wonder if LA is also very likely to justify a priest breaking the seal of confession (keep that in mind.)

    End results, lying only disrupts justice in the present and in the end. For, by ripping the cord between charity(what you owe to your neighbor – one of the commandments) and justice with a lie, you have very Judas Iscariot like scenario. Afterall, Judas gave Christ with a kiss in order to appease the supposed peace sought by the pharisee’s. LA gave up the woman, similarily, with a deceiving guise to offer her up to appease the peace and mind of pro-liife voters and politishuns (I heard someone refer to grandstanding.) Their actions were a stunt, just as Judas’s stunt gave up Christ for apealing to the Pharisee’s. So, Judas got ten talents of silver? What was LA trying to gain in the end? What was their compensation?

    If someone says “they were trying to save the life in the womb”, I would have to disagree. Yes, they did potentially save a life. But that wasn’t their main objective.

    If you re-call, they were trying to reveal what sort of activies were going on in PP (besides simply their services; their services which were rendering assistance, on the side, and outreach to a wicked culture commting henious crimes.) Namely, helping pimps on the side who have preg. prost’s who aren’t adults. That is where LA went off on a tangent and out of their way to get at something else lurking under PP.

    Yes, stopping such an activity is actually a good thing. However, the good only came as an end justifying the means. In that, the means used were “lying” by disguise to entice a woman to think she was pursuing PP’s services cultivated where she worked and in her best interests towards a pimp and preg. prost who is not an adult to supposedly term expectant life. Bottom-line, a woman was accused for the crime of contemplating and giving meditated direction to a supposed pimp and prost. What seems to be ignored is two things:

    1. LA’s actions have really enabled PP in two ways: giving them complete ability to continue their services by issuing protocols, bylaws, and rulles, and polic’ies on how to avoid such a scenario presented (it really would help them in the end to become much more efficient in their response contuing their services) and, you will have such assistance done underground and no longer be able to reach out to someone not an adult seeking to term expectant life.

    2. PP now knows how LA uses lies. As an end result, PP will utilize lying similarily to undo any pro-l’ife orginization’s integrity and reputation; thus being more empowered and enabled to jeopardize any outreach as success of the pro-l’ife movement to confused, suffering, and despairing mum’s seeking to term a babiees life. So, in the end, a structure and progress of the ProLiife movement may be hampered, ruined, and nearly brought to the ground.