Greenland Glaciers Retreating…

Greenland Glaciers Retreating… June 21, 2012

Faster in the 30s.

This reminds me of the time I was on a boat up near the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska a few years ago. Somebody was pointing out how far the glacier had receded. (It was easy to see because the rock was worn smooth where the glacier had been.) Much clucking about climate change, etc.

Finally somebody asked *when* the glacier had begun to retreat. “In the 18th century” we were told.

So I made bold to remark that this means Anthropogenic Global Warming had begun to melt the glacier before us anthropoids had begun to have anything like a serious industrial revolution to jack up the CO2 emissions.

A serious, thrawn, and intense woman shot back at me, “Well, the Chinese were burning a *lot* of bamboo, you know.”


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