Prayer Request

Prayer Request June 20, 2012

A reader writes:

Captain, could you kindly pass on a prayer request to your holy minions? A friend of mine from my Parish has been admitted to hospital and it turns out he has liver cancer. His prognosis is very bad and he doesn’t expect to leave hospital alive. Thanks so much.

Father, hear our prayer for this man that he be granted the grace of a happy death through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grant grace, peace, and strength to all who love him. Mother Mary, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

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  • “Since becoming Catholic in 1987 I have never once met a living soul who worships Mary or thinks her to be a goddess. Meanwhile, one of the first things to present itself to me when I seriously began to look at the Faith was the fact that Catholics do, in fact, adore the Eucharist.”

    Just curious about the thinking here. This quote if from a recent article by you. I am noting the point about Mary worship in it.

    In contrast (at least to my thinking) I see you utter words above to the person of Mary in the same breath, figuratively speaking, as addressing God the Father. Mary, a lowly human being, as I, is long dead. Why speak to her? Why assume that speaking to gains any comfort? Why not address Jesus? Why not the Holy Spirit instead? Just curious.

  • Peggy R

    oh, my. st peregrine pray for him. i just came back from long ER trip, just for broken wrist. i was getting tired and cold, waiting. break not seen in x rays, probably just sprain.

    there’s always something to be grateful for.

    papa: We pray to Mary our Mother in heaven. While she is human, of course, we note she was conceived w.o sin. We pray to saints to pray for us to our Father. Don’t you ask friends to pray for you?

  • Cynthia

    If you email me I have something that could possibly save your has saved two folks I know that were in stage4 cancer…if you would like the information please feel free to email at and I would be happy to share the info with you as well as how to research it for yourself…its 100% natural and very safe….praying!

  • Dear Sir/Miss,

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who sacrifice himself for us and purchase us.

    I am believer of Jesus Christ (anointed person) and I believe him as a word of GOD.

    My Name is Nabeel Gill,

    I need to help all over the people who believe in GOD Almighty. We are facing hardly troubled times.
    A person by name KUKU is a black magistrate filled of EVIL SPIRITS POWERS. He teases us and he want to be ruined my whole family. He has evil spirits and he takes up works with them.
    The bad spirits follow me all the time…. Please must pray for me and my family and all children.

    My family’s head member’s names are written below……

    Sirfaraz Gill (leader person)
    Jamil Gill (papa)
    Sodager Gill (Uncle)
    Shakeel Gill (Uncle)
    Nadeem Gill (Uncle)
    Khalil Gill (Uncle)
    Naeem Gill (Uncle) (before he was companion of KuKu)

    Brother’s name’s are below,

    Haroon Gill
    Phool Gill
    Anil Gill
    Sunil Gill
    Nabeel Gill
    Salmoon Gill
    Timotius Gill
    Adeel Gill
    Yasaath Gill
    Tetus Gill
    Ashelay Gill
    Jamil Gill

    Please must pray for my cosine “Sarish” now a day she is captured by Evil Spirits KuKu rules on her. Please pray …………………………….GOD SAVE US AMEEN!

  • rambabu

    praise the lord i have exam on 15.7.12 please pray for me.(name:rambabu)


    I am asking prayer for my family for my marriage for my husband he is committing adultery and he has an addiction. I am willing to try to work on it but I need help I am willing to forgive him and to make peace. This is tearing up our family we are getting behind in our finances because he wants to spend to money on this lady and her family. My house is in foreclosure. he lost his job and soon we are going to be put out. Lord I just wish he can get his mind together, find a job and we get our house out of foreclosure and our finances increase. I am so stress and confused right now. I want the lady out of our life. And I want my husband and my kid’s father back

  • Ashish Gaikwad

    Praise the Lord.

    I have seen and also heard of many miracles that you have been performing since years. I want to give you my special thanks for sharing the word of the Lord and even the healing videos that you had shared online.

    I believe in miracles and I also k now that our God is a living God. My ancestors come from a Hindu family; however, few generations back my ancestors became Christian. I am again a born Christian and living in India. I lost my father when I was 15 years old. I have my elder sister and younger brother.

    After continuous prayers and fasting my elder sister got married in 2006 when she was 33 years old. She didn’t had child but had adopted one from one mission in Ked-Goan [Village], Maharashtra (INDIA) and his name is Joshua.

    I got married in 2009 and since then I too didn’t have children. We have been praying since long and hope that God will bless us soon. We are still waiting for God’s blessing.
    Also, I am working in Wipro technologies but do not have a good salary package.

    My younger brother is also married and was blessed with a healthy girl child in Jan 2012.

    My mother who is a widow [AGE 74 Years old] is suffering from a very bad situation. Since, October 2011 she is really struggling hard to live. I along with my wife had served her till June 2012 in Maharashtra; however, her situation was becoming worst. So I got her shifted to Delhi (INDIA) which is about 1700 KMs from Maharashtra. My mother has:

    Bedsore (tail bone on the back)
    Kidneys have failed (she is on dialysis since Oct 2011)

    We have seen bad days of the life. But these days seems to be very worst days of my entire life. My mother is growing weak day-by-day and we are becoming helpless. My younger brother is taking care of her along with my mother’s younger sister.

    I want to go to Delhi, so that I and my wife will be near her in this bad situation; however, my wife does not want to go to Delhi at all. This is really hurting me a lot.
    I feel very depressed and helpless as I love my wife also.

    I, my sister and my younger brother want her to live more so that when I am blessed by children, she can play with them.

    I specially want you to please pray for my mother and for my situation. I am lost and I know only God can help me in this situation. Please pray for my mother from the depth of your heard and wherever you are my mother will be healed. I know if you prayer, miracle will surely happen in my mother’s life. Also, please pray that my wife should have children soon.

    I live in the country where the people pray and worship the stones and do not believe in Jesus. But I keep all my trust and life in the hands of Jesus who is our savior. He is a living God and the true God. He is Son of God and can do impossible things possible.

    In the name of our precious Lord God Jesus I ask everything; Amen.

    Thanks you

    Ashish Gaikwad

  • joya

    My father UP Burman is suffering from frequent urination problem and will under go usg & blood test to rule out chances of prostrate problem, please pray that all his reports comes out absolutely normal and that he is not detected with any life threatening disease, May God bless him with a very long & healthy life. In the name of Jesus Christ my lord, Amen

  • c

    Please pray for me: I love the man I am with and I want us to stay together for our family, and because I love him. I want to feel love from him though. Something isnt right, and it HAS TO BE FIXED LORD. If we need time apart for this to happen, so be it, but the love has to come back to our relationship along with trust and appreciation. I love you Lord and I know that you will make this happen. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN

  • SM

    Praise the Lord!

    Please pray for Sejal for following intention:
    Increase in Faith level towards Christ, Spirit and Father.
    Freedom from abusive language.
    Confirmation of the job as present job is paying less and is temporary.
    Approval of Permanent Residency status.
    Resolution of all marital disputes.
    Please, I request you with faith in my heart, that please help me through remembering in your prayers for above all problems/situations.