One of the remarkable things about prayer

One of the remarkable things about prayer June 6, 2019

…is that we can still pray this prayer for the men who went into battle at D-Day, because God exists outside of time:

We cannot, obviously, change known outcomes so that the dead are not killed or the wounded are unharmed. But we can still pray for those men, in that hour, that they receive the grace, help, courage, strength and every other divine gift they need.

On this, the 75th Anniversary of D Day, may God yet hear our prayers for everybody involved in that assault on the Nazi Empire and given them every grace and blessing as they sought to do the right. Bless their families as well. And grant a special blessing to all who died that day and in the days that followed till May 8, 1945 and the death of Hitler’s regime.

Endless thanks, you guys. And may God grant eternal rest to my Dad, who was awake for three days, servicing the aircraft that provided cover for the invasion.

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