The Legendary Michael Flynn…

The Legendary Michael Flynn… June 15, 2012

…to whom the Archangel Michael personally appeared and revealed all of human history in the vision of a moment writes the post that was destined to be become the basis of all Future History, with the aid of a magic horn by which he single-handedly defeated the Saracens and established Modern Science. We live in a time of Epic Myth.

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Simcha Fisher Gets It
"You have a great sense of humor."

Noodling Leviticus with a Reader
"There seem to be nothing but Sargeant Schultzes running the Catholic Church."

Noodling Leviticus with a Reader
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Noodling Leviticus with a Reader

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  • Ted Seeber

    Always wondered why my history classes in high school never covered events more than three centuries old.