Memo to the “Church Hates Nuns…

Memo to the “Church Hates Nuns… June 15, 2012

…Who Serve the Poor” Crowd

Um, no:

What the Church is doing is not hating on nuns who serve the poor. The Church is reining in nuns who are no longer Catholic from oppressing nuns who are and from poisoning the faith of people subjected to their loony quackery, goddess worship, Marxist theory masquerading as orthodoxy, bizarre sexual experimentation, substitution of Rogerian psychobabble for the Tradition, and naked hostility to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nuns are supposed to be Catholic. Works of mercy are Catholic and, not surprisingly, there is no objection to them from Rome. Goddess worship, however, is not Catholic and it is this, among other things, the Church objects to. Somehow, the media never quite gets that.

Oh yeah, and man hatred is also not Catholic. Nor are healthy nuns on board with these relics of Woodstock who are clinging to power like aging Soviets.

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