You’d get the impression from the media…

You’d get the impression from the media… June 18, 2012

that gay “marriage” isn’t even an issue in the UK and that our more sophisticated cousins across the Pond regard us rude country cousins with a mixture of amusement, amazement and disdain for our strange Calvinistic hangups about it.

American media aid and abet this process by reminding Americans constantly that we are illiterate manure-stomping cowboys and buffoons who must always remember that a British accent automatically confers a 50 IQ point advantage on the owner. Then it’s just a simple matter of interviewing one or two of the British elite expressing the hope that their crude American neighbors will evolve past the Neanderthal phase and enter the World Community of (10 total) Nations who have legalized gay “marriage”. Voila! American feel ashamed and stupid that we are once again so backward when the English have worked through their issues and don’t even see the problem.

Except for the fact that, in reality,

70 percent of British people believe that marriage should continue to be recognized as a life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman, with 84 percent believing children have the best chance in life if raised by their own mother and father in a stable and committed relationship.

Subsequent surveys offered the government little comfort. A Sunday Times poll found that fewer people supported the introduction of same-sex marriage than opposed it; most of those polled believed David Cameron was acting out of expediency rather than principle. A Telegraph poll suggested the highest levels of support for same-sex marriage, but even then 78 percent of people polled felt this wasn’t a government priority.

No wonder Spiked columnist Sean Collins, a progressive, decided to oppose gay marriage as profoundly elitist. Most Americans aren’t even aware that homosexual make up only 2% of the population and that 96% of gays in countries with legal gay “marriage” do not get married.

So why fundamentally alter the definition of marriage in order to suit the demands of a vanishingly small minority?

Here’s why: in order to provide a legal basis for compelling approval of gay sex and smashing not just speech but thoughtcrime against it. It’s a useful tool, not only for militant homosexuals, but for Caesar as he clamps down harder and harder on the Church and her worship of his main rival: the true God.

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