Nice to see theology done well

Nice to see theology done well July 25, 2012

Brett Salkeld offers a measured, thoughtful, and very orthodox analysis of “Heresy and the Eucharist”. I particularly appreciate his sense of balance and attention to the Tradition. Kudos!

Also, Mark Gordon’s terse assessment here is funny, as are his brusque evicerations of the liberal racists in the comboxes who attempt to make excuses for this twaddle.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    I am just stunned by how many people are defending The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama, claiming that “it is clearly a metaphorical work,” etc., etc. Ah, yes, blasphemy: a staple of modern rhetoric.

    • beccolina

      Agreed. So many were bending over backwards (Verbally, at least) to make that monstrosity sound totally normal. I keep waiting for the author to reveal that he was joking, or wrote a satire that someone took seriously, so he let the joke go on. Come on, there has to be a punch line. Nope, he wrote it seriously, and people are going to read it seriously. I can only take comfort in the thought that when human worship idols, God knocks the idols down.

  • Randy Johnson

    Thanks for the link to Salkeld’s post. His exegesis of John 6 was an eye-opener for me. Good stuff.

  • Thanks Mark! I appreciate it.

  • I second Brett’s appreciation, Mark.