One More Catholic Having His Conscience Smashed by our God King

One More Catholic Having His Conscience Smashed by our God King July 31, 2012

He writes:

There is an aspect of the HHS Mandate that people are not realizing. I am a partner (one of 4) in a small, privately held, business that has 10 employees. We provide high deductible health insurance for all of our employees and their families. We also fund a health savings account for them to cover the deductible every year. This has the benefit of saving us a lot of money on insurance premiums and allowing us to give the money we would have spent on premiums directly to the employees in their HSA accounts. If they remain healthy and don’t hit their deductible, the money is theirs to keep to be used for health expenses in the future.

The plan has always covered preventative services with no deductible. This did not include contraceptives, sterilizations, or abortifacients. The employes could still get them if they choose, but they would have to cover the cost out of their HSA. I don’t know how many do, at that point it is a personal matter.

However, today we received documents updating us on the changes to our policy that will go into effect on our plan renewal date of November 1, 2012. The plan will now cover the above items as preventative services, meaning our premiums cover them directly. As a partner, if I comply, I will now be complicit in providing these items for my employees. There is no extension for “for profit” companies, and we do not qualify under the religious exemption.

Of the other three partners, one is Catholic but doesn’t seem to be concerned, and the other two aren’t too religious, although consider themselves part of the non-denominational group. I don’t really have any good options here. I am going to approach my partners and tell them I will not comply. Either they will agree and we will have to drop health coverage for our employees (not likely), or I will have to resign my partnership.

If I resign, I could still work here as an employee, but would I still be complicit? It feels like I would. The point is, this is affecting faithful Catholics NOW! Not next year, not after we know about the lawsuits will bring, but NOW! Please let people know. I am going to send this to Fr. Z as well. I know you guys have a lot of reach. Please spread the word.

I have no answers about what you should do beyond “Try talking to a priest or moral theologian to get some clarity on what path to take.” You and every Catholic affected by this draconian law are in my prayers. As far as possible, resist. Beyond that, it’s up to God to fight with Caesar.

Is there some way you could assume support for something else while they assume support for the HHS crap? Just a thought. I’m a financial imbecile and have no idea if what I’m asking is even possible.

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