Prayer Request

Prayer Request July 31, 2012

A reader writes:

I suffer from severe depression that doesn’t respond well to medication. Recent events in my personal life have triggered a major depressive episode. It’s scary stuff – the last time it happened I almost had myself committed for my safety. Pray it doesn’t get that bad and I’m able to recover swiftly. Thank you.

Father, help your child overcome this depression and return to peace swiftly. Give skill and wisdom to his healers. Mother Mary, pray for his complete healing. We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

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  • I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Dymphna.

  • Jeanna

    Offering up my prayers too. God love you!

  • Brother Thieringo

    Prayee request:

    Persecution,demonic,satanic, and dark things done againts brother Thieringo must stop,mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . May God Jesus Holly Spirit do justice to him . Fire of Holly Spirit must stop,mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who that . Miracles in finances,protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,success and miracles in business,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .