Tolerance is not Enough!

Tolerance is not Enough! July 31, 2012

You. MUST. Approve or be punished.

I wonder how many boycotts can be organized in the attempt to punish people for refusing to capitulate to the lie of gay “marriage”? I wonder if all of them will be the huge flop the Chik-Fil-A protest has been. Seems like resisters could have fun multiplying refusals to knuckle under and forcing the Tolerance Visigoths to play whack a mole. The comboxes at this link are already swelling up with a) Tolerance Visigoths hoping the owner will have a heart attack and die like the Chik-Fil-A exec and b) people talking about order from the guy by mail. He may make a fortune off this. Should be fun.

Update: the Usual Suspects are  in the comboxes, making the usual claims that this was a civil rights violation and that that the owner of the business is not allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. It’s not about sexual orientation.  If they’d asked for a birthday cake, he would not have refused.  Conversely, if a white Evangelical Christian had come in asking for a cake with the inscription “Death to Catholics!  All Hail James Holmes!” he would have been perfectly within his rights to refuse.  The issue is not who was buying the cake, but the immoral position the owner was being press-ganged into supporting.  Gay people can buy from him.  He does not, however, have to knuckle under to their demand that he pretend there is such a thing as gay “marriage”.

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