Iowahawk Raises Literary Parody…

Iowahawk Raises Literary Parody… August 1, 2012

…to an art form. Here is his reading from the Book of Barack.

And, from a couple of years back, his Chaucerization of the plight of the Archbishop of Canterbury as the Country that Used to Be England tries to face down the inferno of the inflamed spirituality of Radical Islam with the squirt gun of post-Christian watery secularism.

Like most revolutionaries, he can see what’s wrong (and very humorously so), but not what’s right. He’s a neocon and so proposes the standard cocktail of failed neocon solutions such as salvation by war and mammon, from what I can tell. What is actually necessary is the Catholic faith. Not as a substitute for politics, but as a basis for a recalling our civilization from the edge of the abyss on which it now stands. Twelve deeply converted Catholics will do more for the world than all the politics on both sides of the Pond combined. Let us pray for saints (start with ourselves) and not for the impossibility of powers and principalities reforming. God never promised the latter, but he can and will give us the former if we ask. He’s done it for 2000 years. The world does not progress. It merely wobbles. But we can grow in grace forever if we but seek to do so.

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  • Ted Seeber

    I’m not so sure I wouldn’t accept a Catholic Theocracy at this point. It is rather clear to me that the American experiment in democracy has been a rather dismal failure.

    • Joseph H. M. Ortiz

      Democracy has failed? Wait a minute. More than one attempt to fly an aircraft faster than the speed of sound likewise failed, until Chuck Yeager did it in 1947. And more than one runner failed to run a mile in less than four minutes, until someone finally succeeded; and then other runners beat even his record.
      As the philosophic (Thomist) essayist Jacques Maritain has observed, in the long view of history, the false or failed has not seldom preceded, and sometimes even paved the way for, the genuine and successful. So I suggest it’s too soon to give up on democracy. (I’m not talking about ecclesial government, only political government.)

    • Bob

      That’s just childish, Ted.
      I thought we were more or less living in a theocracy, anyway.

  • Rich Fader

    Well, the incumbent president thinks we’re living in a theocracy, anyway…