Our Ruling Class Explains “Shut up”

Our Ruling Class Explains “Shut up” July 5, 2012

…to you puny subjects who think the government should not establish a police/security state.

As Chesterton says, when you reject the Big Laws (of God) you don’t get freedom and you don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws. A rapidly de-christianizing United States is not going to be an Anything Goes Pleasure Palace. It’s going to be a place where drones spy on you to make sure you aren’t drinking Coke and 24/7 TV hectors you about 50 million little post-puritan moralisms, punctuated by periodic announcements about the Next Big Fear that Only the Crony Corporatist State and its Latest Figurehead Can Save You From.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of God, it was for freedom that Christ has set us free (Galatians 5). Freedom begins with free man and women saying we will serve God rather than men.

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  • Kevin

    Anybody want to be first to explain to Mark, “shut up” ?

  • dpt

    “…Chesterton says, when you reject the Big Laws (of God) you don’t get freedom and you don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws.”

    Some point to the decline in church attendance over the past several decades as a positive for modern, enlightened man, especially our culture’s rebellion against the so-called dark age morals that religious leaders pronounce.

    Yes, religious people and leaders do and can fail…fall miserably short of their ideals and teachings, though the consumerism and materialism of this non-religious, “spiritual” age (for some) does leave much to be desired. While modern consumers have turned their backs from ancient moral teachings and precepts, the material disparity between the rich and poor has grown. The desperately poor of the world remain so while the Western consumers enjoys trivial pursuits and forms of entertainment. And within the US, the gulf between the rich and poor grows extreme–an example is the rise in executive compensation over that past 30, 40 years in corporate America.

    So there are those who are pleased that religion has lost its influence in our modern era, but has that been proven to be a positive for all? “I want mine and I want it now” is not a mindset for growing a healthy community. And poliitical leaders across the spectrum seek to replace the old commandments and justify new ones that benefit their political power and add to their wealth. The secrecy in government is needed for them to keep their wealth and power.

  • Kevin

    Isnt the US jyst finally getting with the international community in this one, late to the game as it is?

    I mean, lots of ruling classes around the world enforce freedom of religion for Citizen Christians by SHUT UP FIRED AND SUED IN JAIL


  • Ted Seeber

    I think the best way governments have ever devised to keep secrets is the total transparency model. The few times it has been tried, it produces a purloined letter effect- so many alternate forms are discussed that the enemies don’t know which way to point their guns (a great example was the 1992 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, where George Bush Sr. used transparency with the media in combination with some new deception technologies to get the Iraqis to point all their guns out towards the Persian Gulf, while the generals massed in Saudi Arabia to attack by Land, and used triangulated false radar images to get the Iraqis to shoot down planes that did not exist).

    Too bad Washington DC hasn’t learned any lessons from the few times it has experimented with Total Transparency- it’s a neat political technique that I think even the Vatican could take advantage of in the sex scandals. You want to know what the bishops knew about pedophile priest so and so? Well, we’ll put his personnel file online!


  • The overall model for international diplomacy and security, westphalianism, was established at the close of the 30 Years War (and thus predating the creation of the US) and is currently breaking down. I agree that the police/security state is not the solution. It is not enough to point out what is not the solution. What is sufficient is to discuss, debate, and create a practical path to implement a state that is a superior successor to westphalianism but does not require that we all be saints before it works. Nobody, and I literally mean nobody, has yet figured it all out. Catholics need to come to the table for this discussion.

    • Ted Seeber

      But why is Westphalianism breaking down?

  • Gibbons Burke

    William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, observed : “If men will not be governed by God, they will be ruled by tyrants.”

    We are getting the gummint we deserve.