Your chance to help save a young boy’s life

Your chance to help save a young boy’s life July 9, 2012

So last week we had a prayer request for 11 year old Sam, who was just diagnosed with leukemia and is now on a crash course of chemo. The good news is, there is a very high recovery rate for this form of leukemia (98%). The bad news is a) chemo sucks; and b) chemo is very expensive and his family is not what you would call “made of money”.

So, his grandma asks for prayer for him and the whole family during this difficult time. But beyond that, one of my awesome and enterprising readers wrote his grandma to help her set up a Paypal account where you can donate to the Get Well Sam campaign. 100% of your donation will go to expenses for this struggling family in this hour of crisis.

if you have some spare change–or spare thousands–knocking around in your pocket and were thinking “Should I spend this on coffee or on saving a good boy’s life?” I would like to suggest you go ahead and throw it down on the “Good boy’s life” option. Be as generous as you can. We are looking at 3 and a half *years* of treatment. That way, you get to hear the extremely encouraging sound of Jesus saying, “I had leukemia, and you paid for my chemo. Enter into the kingdom which my Father has prepared for you from the foundation of the world” followed by the sound of party favors and cheering rather than wailing and gnashing of teeth, which would have been a total downer.

But above all, says grandma, please pray for Sam, and ask his patron, St. Jude, to intercede (Jude is Sam’s middle name).

You guys are fantastic and your prayer have made such a huge difference to so many people. God bless you all!

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