Dyna woncha grow, Dyna woncha grow, Dyna woncha grow in Chri-i-ist!

Dyna woncha grow, Dyna woncha grow, Dyna woncha grow in Chri-i-ist! August 27, 2012

Reader Dyna Rene writes:

My name is Dyna Rene and I am an aspirant with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in Spokane, Washington.  I met the sisters 3 years ago while looking for a traditional order who evangelized and taught in schools.  I was also being introduced to the TLM mass and at the time wanted for an order that had a deep appreciation for both forms of the mass.

I received my letter of acceptance last year but was unable to enter.  I am scheduled to enter November 9th of this year and I am currently in the process of fundraising in order to make my entrance a reality.  At the time of my discernment to religious life 4 years ago I had student loan debt nearing  $60,000.  By the grace of God I have managed to pay down a great amount and with the generosity shown to me by others my student loans are now at $38,750.

I would like to know if you would be willing to please share a link to my blog and please ask others to consider donating to my vocation.

Thank you for your time and God Bless you.

My blog is at www.dynasvocation.wordpress.com

If you can spare a bit for a work of mercy toward her, please do.  And if you can be merciful to me for that headline, that’s also appreciated. 🙂

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  • SDG

    That headline, that headline is “Pearls Before Swine” grade awful. I do not say that lightly.

  • Julie

    If you feel called to help this woman, by all means do so, but please also consider donating to the Laboure Society (www.laboursociety.org), who help aspirants fundraise, and also the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations (www.fundforvocations.org), who issue grants to make student loan payments while aspiring religious are trying their vocations. By supporting these charities, you can make your donations go further and also have peace of mind that the aspirants you are helping have a firm and serious intent to discern their religious vocations.

  • I certainly agree that donating to the Laboure Society or Mater Ecclesiae are great ideas! They are wonderful organizations. However, sometimes people are not accepted for the grants and need other help. Or they may be a part of them, but still are not getting many donations. I believe that Dyna has gone through these venues and is just trying to do all she can to enter. I understand that someone might be apprehensive about donating to a singular person they do not know, but you can always contact the order and ask them if the person a serious aspirant. A little more work, but worth it if you are moved to help a particular individual.

    Anyway, just some thoughts (not intended to take away from the wonderful work of the Laboure Society or Mater Ecclesiae).