Had a lovely weekend!

Had a lovely weekend! August 27, 2012

Drove down to Enumclaw (past “Flaming Geyser Park” a name that evokes wonder and curiosity) and got the guys from a week long Scout camp. Worked on an Afterword for By What Authority? (it’s being revised and expanded and re-published in a new edition by Ignatius) as Jan did the driving. Then we headed north to Coulon park (at the south end of Lake Washington) and spent the day Saturday, I mean) hanging with the fam (Jan’s side), munching munchables, and diving off the diving boards for a couple of hours. For some reason, I’m stiff, which surprises me. Then, to Mass the next day.

I really need to focus more on thanksgiving and less on… not thanksgiving. If the word Eucharist means anything, it’s that thanksgiving is literally the greatest and most human thing a person can do.

I’m crappy at it. Your prayers would be appreciated.

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