Jeepers I Love Simcha Fisher!

Jeepers I Love Simcha Fisher! August 16, 2012

Here she is, holding forth on the latest moral panic from the Self-Anointed Combox Episcopacy.

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  • Thanks! I love me, too.

    • KML

      This reminds me very much of when, from the safety of the comment box, certain readers chide me, saying, “You don’t sound very much like Our Lady! Can you imagine Mary saying what you just said?” No. And I can’t imagine Mary pumping gas or making out with her husband — but these are all things that I ought to be doing, because it’s what my vocation demands of me. It’s who, where, and what I am.

      This. This a million times. I was seriously just thinking last night at Mass about how Mary, as accounted in the Gospels, has such a different personality form me (I have not been known often to ponder things silently in my heart), yet we are both called to basically the same thing. She had the perfect personality for what God asked her accomplish during her life. So do I.

    • Much much love. 🙂

      Dan F. (aka, the Catholic blogger groupie/stalker)

  • I’m torn on this question. I really want to trust that Cardinal Dolan has a plan here and is not simply hob-knobbing with the rich and powerful just because it’s fun. But then this showed up today:

    Yes, their method for obtaining this information is deplorable. The best one can make out of this, however, is that the young lady who responded positively to the request was hopelessly naive.

    Admittedly, Cardinal Dolan has a tough row to hoe in New York City–the modern equivalent of the Babylon of St. Peter’s letters. The jovial outreach approach hasn’t worked on the Obama administration or New York lawmakers since Dolan has been archbishop of NY. To continue the same approach given the lack of results and increasing attacks on the Church seems mad to me.

    But what do I know? I’ll just pray for the guy.

    • Ed Mechmann

      The legacy of Live Action and its consequentialist “lie for the cause” policy is seen in the link you reference — encouraging others to do evil so that “good” may come of it.

      And these people have the nerve to accuse Cardinal Dolan of the sin of scandal (CCC 2284 — “Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.”)

  • Sam Schmitt

    The options are not either inviting Obama as the guest of honor to a Catholic Charities event OR breaking off all contact and dialog with him forever and ever.

    Cardinal Dolan says: “What message would I send if I refused to meet with the President?” But aren’t there are others ways of meeting with the President other than at dinner which is supposed to honor the work of Catholic Charities, an entity which is being undermined by the President’s own policies? That’s what I don’t get.

    Phil Lawler at has a good take on it:

  • victor

    This is an earnest question, believe it or not, because I just don’t know the guy and maybe someone here has some special insight, but has Cardinal Dolan ever done anything that, however difficult, would make him less likely to be liked?

    • Michelle

      Have you not been paying attention to the news lately? Publicly, loudly, opposing and protesting the HHS mandate and leading the bishops’ charge against the Obama Administration is hardly likely to win Cardinal Dolan the Most Popular Guy Forever And Ever Amen contest.

      • victor

        Yeah, there’s that. But that was only after the Administration openly lied to his face and reneged on its promise to him. What else was he going to do at that point? Not that there’s anything wrong with being likeable or even wanting to be liked, of course. I’m just wondering if under the avuncular and affable exterior there lies a real killer instinct or not. In times like these I certainly hope so. But if that were the case you wouldn’t expect him to draft such a cloying letter to his critics to explain his decisions.

        • Marion (Mael Muire)

          I’m just wondering if under the avuncular and affable exterior there lies a real killer instinct or not.

          By your use of the term “killer instinct” I’m hoping that you wished to convey thoughts along the lines of: steadfastness, fortitude, and steely resolve.

          We don’t want “killer” anything among our hierarchy.

          • victor

            Yes, that’s what I meant by “killer instinct,” which is descriptive of a certain type of instinct, distinct from the instinct of a killer.

            On the other hand, the bishops are the shepherds of their flocks. If wolves are threatening your flock, the last thing you want your shepherds to be is all Jokey McGladhand with them — it demoralizes the sheep.

        • SpasticHedgehog

          But realistically what was he supposed to do up to that point? A) We weren’t in these meetings so we have no idea how tense or jovial they were. B) Assuming the worst — that they weren’t “heavy-hitting” — so what? In terms of realistic payoff, how much of a shot does telling the President of the United States that he’s a baby-killing fascist who clearly hates the Church have at convincing such President of your case? Surely trying to build the bridge, make your case in the media, and convince him to change his mind was a more prudent step in the attempt to defeat the HHS Mandate than shouting “Anathema Sit!”

          I may be misunderstanding what you mean by “Killer Instinct” but I just don’t see an unused silver bullet here.

  • Andy

    As I read the attacks on Cdl. Dolan creating a scandal, I am confused. Cdl. Dolan has made a prudential judgment – you know the kind that allows Catholic laity to ignore the teaching of the church on issues such as torture, abortion, contraception, the death penalty. IT seems that if the laity can make a prudential decision why can’t the good cardinal.
    I am alos not sure how having Obama or Romney at a dinner to raise funds for charity, and where politics is to be left at the door will cause a scandal. If my faith is so weak that seeing Cdl. Dolan sitting next to the President of the United States may cause me to suddenly support Mr. Obama , then it is my faith that is weak.
    This does show conservative and liberal CAtholics do share more than the label of Catholic – both sides find it easy to attack Bishops and Cardinals when they don’t agree with them. A truly revealing glimpse of the cafeteria.

  • I really don’t get the hysteria around this. Is there anyone, anywhere who will really be “scandalized” by this dinner any more than they were scandalized by the dinner a few years ago at which Colin Powell spoke? (Colin Powell is also pro-abortion, but conservatives don’t get as worked up about him as Obama.) I didn’t hear any public outcry at all. Is there anyone who is going to decide that abortion is cool now that Cardinal Dolan had dinner with Obama?
    It would be one thing if Obama were solely responsible for abortion in America – then, a symbolic snubbing would mean something. But abortion continues apace, no matter who is in the White House, and it has for the past 40 years, whether the president was Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton.
    The worst thing that ever happened to Christian America was hopping in bed with the Republican party.