Mission Creep

Mission Creep August 24, 2012

You could hardly find a more exquisite illustration of our tortured politics than the fact that prolifers are cheering wildly because, in this viral video, Anderson Cooper successfully nailed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a bald-faced lie.  The lie?  Cooper successfully shows that Romney/Ryan are not *nearly* as committed to stopping abortion as this Planned Parenthood panic-monger is trying to make out as she gins up votes and donations from pro-choicers using the standard “Support us or all is lost when They win!” technique fundraisers for PP use every election year:

But because the video features a Dem being “torn to shreds” in a lie, prolifers are, weirdly, delighted about it–despite the fact that Cooper’s central point is that Romney/Ryan are laboring to distance themselves from the GOP platform and aren’t really all *that* big a threat to Planned Parenthood.  Insane.

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