Still Waiting for that Hitchens/Dawkins/Harris-Inspired Wave…

Still Waiting for that Hitchens/Dawkins/Harris-Inspired Wave… August 7, 2012

…of New Atheist Charities to start up:

The question is not whether the Church will survive persecution by the Left in the US. The question is whether the US will survive. One of the many ways in which the Left expresses the suicidal death wish of the culture of death is by smashing charities, run for love, and replacing them by bureacracies run for power and money. Guaranteed to make our civilization overheat and burn to the ground.

Atheists and secularists are good at bitching about religion. Not so hot at actually organizing charitable works. That would cost money and effort. Why bother when the weak are at the short end of the Darwinian stick? Especially since so many of the weak are–ewww!–religious? Better to weed out the unfit than engage in pointless efforts are “redemption”.

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  • Faith

    This one made me so angry. These people obviously hang with no Christians, it is so completely ignorant. They have never heard of Mother Teresa or Catholic Charities or Catholic Relief Services. They have never happened across those programs on TV trying to raise money for the poor in 3rd world countries. They have never volunteered at a soup kitchen or food bank or crisis pregnancy center. They have never visited a church once in a while (instead of reading about them in the New York Times), and witnessed a lot of grassroots and participation in bigger organized efforts to help the poor. Because if they had, they’d have run into many Christians. Talk about blind bigotry! They want the government to take care of all charity and so they refuse to see the good that the private citizen does. Really, when I read this it really hit home that these folks are so dead set against Christians that they are completely irrational and yet convinced of their smug superiority.

  • Scott

    I have heard some of them bitching about how Mother Teresa and her “ilk” ran such a shoddy operation while curing for the dying in the streets of Calcutta. Mind you, before Mother went to this hell hole, the lefties were perfectly fine with letting these people die with no care or dignity in every gutter. What a bunch of spineless hypocrites.

  • JoFro

    Scott – Blame that lying piece of turd, Christopher Hitchen, for the baseless attacks against Mother Theresa. I don’t wish to talk ill of the dead, but can you believe in his last dying days that pompous imbecile decided to go on the offensive against GK Chesterton, claiming the dear Chesterton had been a suporter of fascism? Apparently, GKC had some nice words to say about Mussolini.
    And Mother Theresa began to be hated after she picked up her Nobel Peace Prize and lectured the audience on the evil of abortion – until then, she was the darling of the leftist pricks…. I think they were hoping she was going to be like the LCWR sisters – you know, we dont talk about abortion, only take care of the poor!

  • Andy, Bad Person

    The only problem with this graphic is the “Communist” accusation in the first line. Whether or not it’s true is irrelevant. It’s needlessly inflammatory and will make people shut off before they even start reading.

    That being said, I saw the other meme going around Facebook the other day, too. I pointed out that I hope not nearly as many people line up to help at a food bank or a homeless shelter, because we’d never get anything done. Seriously, that’s a buttload of people.

    • Chris M

      exactly. I can’t even utilize the graphic as a counterpoint because of that.

    • Mark Shea

      I agree with the you about the dumb “communist” bit.

    • SouthCoast

      Likewise. Otherwise I would have posted in on FB in rebuttal to the previous nonsense. (Did get involved in a battle of wits over that one, but, alas, my opponent entered the lists unarmed.)

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Radical statists are perfectly aware that people of faith help the poor. Radical statists don’t like that fact, try to downplay it, and/or spin it so as to make that those who help appear somehow malignant or self-serving, or both.

    It’s not easy to sell to the public the notion that the efforts of Christians like the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta are actually sinister, but radical statists don’t let anything get in their way.

    The churches and other organizations that help the poor need to be crushed, and the workers should turn their devotion to the peoples’ State and the Revolution that will make all the workers enjoy true equality – no rich, no poor (except – ahem – for Party higher-ups, who will enjoy many perks – nice apartments and seaside villas, fancy cars, the best restaurants and food, while the ordinary people live in drab, cramped flats, stand in long lines for groceries, and take public transport or bicycle – no cars for them). Meanwhile, jail Christians, shoot priests, shout down religion, arrest preachers! Each man and woman should look to the State for what he or she needs. The State will bring about peace, prosperity, equality, and happiness for all. All this “God” business is a distraction from the Revolution bringing about Paradise on Earth.

    End religion now!

    • john

      You took the word right out of my mouth…then made them sound better.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        Thank you, John. How kind!

  • Scott W.

    Well the fatal error the MoveOn quote makes is that the only people participatin the Chik-Fil-A eat in were Christians or doing it with Christian motivations. That’s not readily appararent at all and is better explained that people of all walks came because the homosexualist juggernaught has been destroying whole chunks of civilization unapposed and people went for it like a breath of fresh much like people flocked to a traditional hero-movie like Star Wars after decades of enduring Hollywood’s anti-hero phase.

    • Scott W.

      Remind me to proofread to make sure I didn’t any words out. 🙂

    • That’s a common tactic. It’s like the narrative that says only Catholic Bishops are worried about the HHS mandate when, in fact, many who are not Catholic and not Bishops have spoken up against it. But again, it’s the way of things: keep repeating a lie long enough, and eventually 66% will think its true.

    • Since we are all made in the image & likeness of God, people are attached to that that contain some Truth in terms of Natural Law, like Star Wars. They love it and they are not exactly sure why. Some will support Chick-Fil-A and not be able to exaplain why.

  • So not only are you feeding, clothing and succouring Christ when you give charity in his name, you’re smacking a New Atheist in the face. It’s win-win!

  • Great post! The Church will always survive, but will it thrive? By the way, how many hospitals are names after atheists?

  • It should be mentioned, though, that there have been attempts by atheists in recent years to correct this by organizing charities in the name of atheism. I know, it was largely a result of the observation that there were no real atheist charities. But there are some who are, at least, trying to make good on establishing charities in atheism’s name.

  • j. blum

    When speaking the truth, don’t lie. MoveOn is not Communist. In this day and age, they’re worse than Cmmunist, since they can do actual harm. Redbaiting is silly, at best, and this isn’t even at best.

  • dpt

    I saw that posting condemning Christians too and thought…all the food banks and shelters I am familiar with are either run by Christians or staffed primarily by Christians.
    Also, for all the criticism that the Church leadership is too focused on the “pelvis region”, I say those same critics need to conduct an examination of themselves and their motivations. Catholics for Choice, et al seemingly exist solely for “pelvic reasons”.

  • terrye newkirk

    I’m not sure that ISN’T communist, if by communist you mean extreme far Left. And those people still can do real harm as they attempt to instigate their Marxist ideals of violent revolution and eradication of religion and private property. The Berlin Wall came down, and the USSR fell apart, but the Marxist/atheist doctrine survives–especially among American Leftists, who have never actually experienced a communist regime.

    In any case, good commentary, Mark. The Church’s contribution to civilization is taught nowhere in schools, only the rapacious misdeeds of a few adherents.

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      In the East, Communism is still very much up and running (China, Vietnam, North Korea). The Chinese Communists gave sizable political contributions to Bill Clinton’s and to Al Gore’s Presidential campaigns, and, it wouldn’t surprise me if also to Obama’s. Who knows what else they’re running / financing here in the U.S. down to this very day?

      Since I have no way to obtain solid further details, I try not to think about the Chinese, and try to focus instead on doing my small part to build up our nation and her freedoms. My hope is that if enough Americans did the same, we could, with God’s help, prevail against anything the bad guys might try to throw our way.

    • Ted Seeber

      The biggest communist government in the world is the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Chris Sands

    Let’s be very careful about assuming who does the best work. I know people who are left wing and live very virtuous lives. I know Christians who I wouldn’t trust if they told me the time. The drive to do good is written on all our hearts by God. Being a Catholic gives me access to Christ through the sacraments and helps me, as much as I let Him. At the beginning of Mass, it is instructive that we say that the problems are caused by us and not by Commies, or Gay people, or Capitalists. We must engage in the culture wars but let us do it from a position of true love and real concern and not for some obtuse point scoring, that counts for very little in the real world. Help out at that Left Wing Food Bank. You will see the face of Christ in the helpers and the helped.

    • I think the bigger thing is that this was even said. I mean, really? That religious people in general give is well known. That Christians empty their pockets is well known. This isn’t the usual secular comeback that all the good done by religious people doesn’t counter the evils done by religion. This is something that is so false that I can’t imagine anyone saying it. That’s the real jist. That should probably be where the focus remains.

      • Chris M

        It was said. It was also circulated widely on Facebook. My reaction was the same as yours.. total disbelief that anyone could say something so manifestly and blatantly untrue. But they did. And it was repeated. And lots of folks truly believe it.. sadly some of whom I counted as friends.

        • Makes you wonder doesn’t it. I mean, are we at a point where folks like MoveOn (but not just them or even on that side of the aisle) know they can say anything and get away with it? And if so, why? We’re supposed to be the most educated generation in history (I know that’s true because a fellow from Apple said it on MSNBC a few months ago). Why would these organizations say things that are so easily shown to be false unless they know it will work.

          FWIW, I had the same thought about the mayors who tried to ban Chick Fil A. After all, if they thought everyone would pile on them, they wouldn’t have done it. They must have thought someone out there was hoping they would do just what they did. Same here. They have to know it’s wrong, but could it be they’re betting that in our age, nobody even cares anymore, as long as our side wins?

          • dpt

            For MoveOn, this is about political power and control. As noted above, their narrative requires a belittling or putting Christians into their rightful place as far as the MoveOn view of the political world.

            “Pushing back” in a gentle yet constructive manner will keep them from reaching their goal.

  • I’d be interested in the like to the specific page. I was unable to find the quote using their site search.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I think it’s possible they’ve taken it down. I was looking for my Facebook friends’ posts about it, and they were all gone. If someone links to a story/photo/meme on FB, does it vanish if the original poster removes it?

  • Me-here

    I just like chicken nuggets.  Chick-Fil-A has some of the best in my opinion, so I buy platters of them.  Yumm

    In support of a free market, I endorse the best products.  

    If a rich guy wants to give his money to an organization, then good for him.  I’m not sufficiently retarded to think that negative financial impact to a single store front is going to somehow strike a blow for “correctness” in the pocket book of an already (extraordinarily wealthy) family.  Nor do i believe it should.  We all know the only outcome of such a selfish act is further regional unemployment, lower credit ratings for hard working Americans, and more smug (self indgence) of the out-of-work and aimless activist class of America.  

    We , as inteligent people, already understand the above truths that contradict the retardation running flagrantly rampant through the US culture.  Please understand, that there are several generations on the cusp of self identification that were never trained how to think.  Until their intelligence develops, they will continue to be the (I found it on the Internet, so it must be true) generation.

    The final blow to the ego of Activist America, is that a person with a conviction that is not aligned with the pop-culture norm can be successful.  Imagine now if all of the (99%) were not aligned with the social norm and actually had a conviction.  They could be successful as well.  Instead they will sadly continue their emotional chants from the sidelines, distracting the week minds and stirring their cauldrons of hate and intolerance.