About those parasites on the dole…

About those parasites on the dole… September 19, 2012

that our hard-working productive GOP candidate and his rich pals are so worried about.

Let me introduce you to some of them.  Meet: our troops.

These parasites think that just because they voluntarily go into harm’s way, suffer catastrophic injuries that are sometimes worse than death (though death is always a very real possibility), face perpetual stress and exhaustion from multiple redeployments, endure stresses on marriage and family that no family should have to endure (and a very high marriage failure rate as a resul), and return home to a grateful nation that has no jobs for a million of them, they should at least be adequately paid and be able to house and feed their families.

Fortunately, our extremely rich Caesaroligarchic Ruling Class (led by the GOP) has shown these greedy troops what for, making sure that record numbers of them are on food stamps, while simultaneously coming up with creative finance ways to screw them out of more money and cut their benefits.

Romney does have plans for them though.  His closest foreign policy advisors are the Bourbon Neocons who sent us to Iraq and who, remembering everything and learning nothing, now have further plans to throw more troops into yet another War for Empire.  For some reason, the lion’s share of those troops support Ron Paul.

If there’s anything the Caesaroligarchs are good at, it is screwing our troops and then insulting them for good measure.  Me: I continue to promote my plan to strip every member of the Executive and Legislative Branches of all money beyond their salary of office and put it in a fund for wounded troops and their families.  That means any and all gains in personal wealth from the day of their inauguration till the day of their departure from office exceeding their salary of office.  Any member of the state that resists this in any way will have a choice of being sent to clean toilets in Afghanistan until the last soldier is brought home.  Said official will receive the pay of a private.  If he refuses, said official will be tried for treason.  His jury and judge shall consist of wounded vets who have been denied benefits.  Mandatory sentence: prison until the last of our troops is removed from harm’s way.

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