As the world erupts in religious violence

As the world erupts in religious violence September 18, 2012

…allegedly over some crappy high school quality video production visible to the 12 people with internet access in Upper Krapistan, and the state (literal) brownshirts take into custody the filmmaker for his dangerous exercise of first amendment rights, the Western “Arts community” bravely swings into action to protest this blatant violation of free speech and this rank example of Radical Islamic religious intolerance by…

boldly mocking the Blessed Virgin Mary and bravely facing the applause of their peers.

Could there possibly *be* anything more gutless and in-the-pocket-of-Caesaroligarchy than the Brave Transgressive Arts Community? You can actually smell the cowardice. Mixed with the stink of smugness when some old French widow registers offense and the artist feigns hurt surprise and a frisson of Bad Boy Superiority to the Bourgeois, the stench can actually repel rats and cockroaches as a distance of over two miles. Researchers are attempting to isolate the horrible-smelling chemical compound for military purposes.

Meanwhile, afficianados of Manning’s Corollary are busy mining the irritated reactions of Christians (“You’ll go to hell for blasphemy” said one ticked old Catholic lady writing to a combox from Marseilles) in order to map them to acts of Radical Islamic arson, looting, murder and destruction over crude cartoons mocking the Prophet a few years ago. No moral difference at all, you see.

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