Dems Formally Plump…

Dems Formally Plump… September 5, 2012

…as the Cultured Despisers of Religion Party.  You already knew that, of course, just as you knew four years ago that Obama’s “opposition” to gay “marriage” was an utter sham. Still, it’s sad when the divorce papers go through and the judge makes the split official. We now have one party whose leadership officially holds the sincere religious belief of Americans in snooty distaste and contempt and another party whose leadership regards that religious feeling as a useful resource to manipulate and exploit. We have no party leadership that actually respects the religious beliefs of the Americans on both sides of the aisle that constitute their base. As Peter Berger remarked years ago, If India is the most religious country on the planet and Sweden is the most secular, then America is best described as a nation of Indians ruled by Swedes.

What does the Dem candidate for Caesar propose in place of nature or supernature as the binding power to hold civilization together? Easy peasy! Himself.

“Government is the only thing we all belong to”. Or, as a great man once put it, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” For from Caesar, and with Caesar, and in Caesar we live and move and have our being. Glory be to the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. In saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Now abide these three: the Corporation, the Party, and Caesar. But the greatest of these is Caesar.

Me, I would have thought the human family is the only thing we all belong to. But that puts us dangerously close to discussions of man and woman made in the image and likeness of You Know Who and families as more important than the State.. So instead we get this fascist claptrap.

The strange paradox is that sensible Americans can grasp that the state was made for man, not man for the state. Yet they habitually talk as though we work for the parties and not they for us. We need to break that habit of mind poste haste. And nobody more than the Dems who believe the crap that ad spouts.

Here’s reality: it is the family, not the State, that is the center of human society.

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