Journalists! Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors!

Journalists! Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors! September 18, 2012

The God King appeals the recent decision of a court, striking down his claim to be able to indefinitely jail anybody on planet earth, citizen or not, on his divine word alone, without evidence, trial, judge, jury, verdict or sentence.

The press maintains a reverential silence since Obama’s studied and persistent attempt to repeal Magna Carta and a thousand years of law since it is, after all, the God King we are talking about and he is Just and Wise. Like “conservatives” making excuses for Bush’s Constitution-shredding and torture policies, they live in the strange delusional world that no successor will ever seize on the raw unaccountable and lawless power successive Executives are amassing for themselves and behave tyrannically. Thanks to the Party system (you know, the One Thing We All Belong To) delusional people in each party imagine that just so long as their guy from the Duopoly is wielding the lawless power your Team can be trusted to not do something clearly immoral like torture innocent people or murder innocent teenagers and then declare them guilty after the fact to cover their guilt. Nor will it ever lead to a lawless regime that enacts tyranny against a wider and wider array of innocent Americans. All is well.

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