When You are Dealing with People Who are Not Ready for Civilization…

When You are Dealing with People Who are Not Ready for Civilization… September 18, 2012

…you be more cautious in sourcing stories. Last night I ran a reaction to a story which turns out to be poorly sourced claiming that the ambassador to Libya was gay and was sodomized by his murderers. I saw red and wrote a screed in response. I should have checked the bona fides of the claim better. Thanks to vigilant readers, I now question that claim and I apologize for crediting the story. The murder of innocents by this mob of goons is bad enough, as is the appalling fecklessness of the Obama Administration, which had days of advanced warning, but is still claiming total surprise and that this was not premeditated.

That kind of blindness to the obvious (which was what I was primarily angry about) is caused, not by a failure the information stream or in the intellect, but in the soul. It is a classic example of sin making you stupid. They had an ideological commitment–a commitment that remains intact at this hour–to the notion of our messianic mission to bring uplift to the Islamic world through post-Christian democratic capitalism (all under the careful managed control of our Caesaroligarchic Ruling Class, of course). That ideological commitment blinded them to the warning signs and continues to blind them, persuading them that this obviously coordinated and premeditated attack was spontaneous and not fed by deep wells of resentment across the Islamosphere.

Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, mea culpa for buying the story that prompted the post. I’m stupid.

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