My sincerest apologies to Stephen Herreid

My sincerest apologies to Stephen Herreid October 18, 2019

He writes:

On October 7th, you published a piece (here) that included an image of a tweet of mine.

In that tweet (which can still be found here), I mentioned “genocidal white racism.” “White racism” here clearly refers to racism on the part of whites AGAINST non-whites.

But you indicated that my tweet was a defense of “persecuted white conservative males” against a “genocide” I delusionally anticipated.

Furthermore, you referenced me again in two subsequent articles. Quoting you: “…’white genocide,’ as Stephen Herreid calls it…” (here), and “…exactly the same demographic that talks ceaselessly of imaginary garbage like Stephen Herreid’s
‘white genocide’…” (here).

In those two articles, you didn’t even include the screenshot or any hyperlinks to my work.

“White genocide” is a term I’ve never used in my entire online history. You invented a noxious quotation and attributed it to me.

Please retract all three articles’ references to me. Please also publicly make note of the retractions, and apologize.

Stephen Herreid

I sincerely apologize for badly misreading Mr. Herreid’s tweet and ask forgiveness from both Mr. Herreid and any readers it may have led to mistakenly believe my interpretation of it. It was genuinely not my intention to deceive anybody about the meaning of the tweet (which was why I posted it). I simply read it wrong. Mea maxima culpa. I am glad to hear that Mr. Herreid strongly opposes white racism. The referenced posts have been corrected to remove both the tweet and my references to it and to Mr. Herreid.

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