No. Really. Obama’s Actions Make Him an Enemy of God

No. Really. Obama’s Actions Make Him an Enemy of God September 14, 2012

He has declared war on the conscience of Catholics in a gratuitous and wholly unnecessary attempt to punish them for their views on sex and smash their religious liberty in order to subordinate it to the state.  He has (at the convention) done as much as the head of a non-confessional state can do to establish a Patriotic Church loyal to the regime (hence Sr. Simone’s moral idiocy about abortion).

And, if you are a non-Catholic or non-Christian doesn’t care about religious liberty, he has also declared war on you by unilaterally stripping you of the protection of every civil right back to Magna Carta by claiming the power to arrest and detain you–forever–without trial.  He has further claimed the power to secretly declare you an enemy of the state and have you murdered if it so pleases His Royal Highness.

If you, or any American, vote for this guy, you deserve to live under tyranny.

Update: Obama’s actions also reveal him to be a narcissist of the first order.

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