Please join me in my struggle with John C. Wright

Please join me in my struggle with John C. Wright September 28, 2012

So, a couple of days ago, my son sent me a link to one of the greatest headlines of all time:

“Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ Found by Nazis Is From Space”

I naturally thought immediately of John C. Wright and so sent him the link saying:

If you want to comment on this, the greatest headline of the year, on your blog, I for one pant in anticipation as the deer panteth after the running stream.

Perhaps due to preoccupation with his duties as co-founder of exclusive Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society, he has so far failed to make my dreams and (I think I can say without fear of contradiction) the dreams of all mankind come true.

He has, it is true, offered a brief discourse on the invaluable word “Borborygmus“, but this only sharpens the pang of loss at what might be, but is not yet.

So I would like to invite whoever wishes to put on your best Bambi eyes and plead with John to do justice to that awesome headline.

Me: I’m squirreling it away for possible future use in a story I’ve been mulling over for several years. John knows about this: I greatly fear he is trying to use this refusal to comply with my Bambi Eyes pleading as a punishment/bribe to get me off my duff and started on the story. Dirty pool.

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